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MediaRoad is looking for a project manager

26 June 2017

The Project: “MediaRoad: European Media Ecosystem for Innovation.”
MediaRoad is a highly innovative coordination project led by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and a consortium of public and commercial broadcasters, creative producers and research bodies, whose main objective is to foster a vibrant ecosystem for media research and innovation in Europe. MediaRoad is a Coordination & Support Action (CSA) funded by the European Commission under the H2020 programme and will start in September 2017; it will run for a 2-year period.
Its activities will be divided into the creation and development of 3 interconnected Hubs:
  • The Sandbox Hub will enable media organizations to create a series of interlinked incubators, or Sandboxes, where SMEs can test and scale innovative concepts in operational environments;
  • The Policy Hub will develop a policy vision for the whole radio and AV sector on topics such as the EU research agenda, data, 5G, security, immersive media, investment, training and regulatory issues. It will hold workshops, share updates, draft vision documents and link to other research projects;
  • The Network Hub will create a series of events to bring together broadcasters, researchers, content creators, technologists and entrepreneurs to inspire collaborations and share knowledge.
The Project Manager
The project manager will be hired by EBU for a 2-year full-time position starting in mid-August 2017. He/she will be responsible for the development of this media research and innovation project under the framework of Horizon 2020 Programme. He/she will work autonomously in tight collaboration with the consortium members and the Hubs’ leaders.
The project manager will perform tasks related to all stages of the project management cycle, from the launch to the completion of the MediaRoad. He/she will drive the project and collaboratively develop a European ecosystem for media innovation. Thus, he/she will have to coordinate the project, monitor its developments, ensure a smooth collaboration between the three Hubs, manage the external and internal communication, prepare and assess progress and financial reports and report back to the European Commission.

Core Tasks


Project Coordination:


  • Launch the project by establishing protocols and procedures with all Hubs’ leaders and consortium partners.
  • Preparation and circulation of consortium meeting agendas, decision drafts and minutes.
  • Communication, organization and coordination of everyday information flow and regular project meetings preparation. Issue reminders for task initiation or completion. Management of the online database uploading and updating all project documents and materials electronic copies on project website and EU participant portal.


Administration and Reporting:

  • Administration of the project manpower and finances, payments and possible subcontracts. It will include handling of invoices, contracts, payments and financial reporting.
  • Reporting to the European Commission. Preparation of project deliverables documents and reports.
  • Progress reports, interim reports and final reports will be covered by this task.


Stakeholder Management:


  • Establish and maintain the Stakeholders group, which will be composed of interested stakeholders in the media sector. This group will participate in the activities of the Sandbox, Policy and Network Hubs, including its consultations, events and communications, and will give input and advice when necessary.


Monitoring and Risk Management:


  • Monitor project progress against the schedule, using standard project management procedures and spotting critical deviations from the schedule in time.
  • Monitoring and measuring the performance indicators, reviewing and assessing the work progress and ensuring effective decision making will manage project risks and optimize project resources.




  • Establish and execute a communication plan for the project to ensure MediaRoad obtains maximum positive exposure and impact amongst the defined target groups.
  • Deliver details of the project activities and results to participants, stakeholders, policy makers and other target groups.
  • Establish communication channels for the project, including websites, e-mail newsletters, social media channels and press activation lists.
  • Assist the communication activities in the Sandbox, Policy and Network Hubs
  • Ensure overall quality and consistency of all project communications.


Qualifications and Experience


  • Proficiency in English
  • Experience in managing EU-funded projects
  • Excellent writing, presentation and communication skills
  • Knowledge of the media field and experience with media-related project preferable
  • Experience in coordinating work across different partner institutions/organisations
  • A pro-active approach to work and experience in setting priorities and long term planning


Application process


To apply, please send an application letter that describes your qualifications, experience, and specific outlook for the post. Please send this, your CV and a formal letter of reference to the contact person Eleonora Mazzoli ( All documentation should be in English. The closing date for applications is 6 July end of day.


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