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Welcome to egta’s website on responsible broadcast advertising for alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic drinks are not ordinary consumer goods. When inappropriately consumed, there is the potential for abusing alcoholic beverages which can lead a small proportion of the population and particularly vulnerable people to dependence and/or harmful conduct.

For these reasons, legislative measures have been in place for the advertising of alcoholic beverages in Europe for the last 20 years. In particular, broadcast advertising for alcoholic beverages across Europe is subject to various regulatory limitations established at both European and national level. By voluntarily complying with many different self‐regulatory standards and industry codes of conduct, TV and radio sales houses complement the safeguards in place at national level to ensure the highest level of responsibility on all broadcast advertising on any media platform.

This website was designed to facilitate the access by advertising professionals from all media sectors to a comprehensive set of resources around responsible audiovisual alcohol advertising. The primary objective of egta’s initiative is to provide audiovisual advertising professionals with a platform for the exchange of best practice across Europe. In turn, the set of resources available could serve as a benchmarking tool for new media services providers.

Please note that this website has been created by egta in the framework of its commitment with the EU Alcohol & Health Forum.

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Regulatory database
In this section you can find the latest news relating to the debate on alcohol advertising taking place at both the EU and national level.
In this section you can find a collection of useful studies and pieces of research that help demonstrate that the exposure to alcoholic advertising, if responsible, has no link with increased alcohol consumption.
Here you can access egta’s database that compiles all safeguards applicable to TV alcohol advertising across 22 EU countries.
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