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 What they said ...



"The creatives, if they’re being briefed on radio, can go and look and see what their brand’s competitors are doing or what the brands themselves have done in their  past, because very often even the brand managers don’t know what has happened on radio three or four years ago. So here it’s put into one place."

–– Clare Bowen, RAB UK


"Our goal is to increase the awareness for radio, that radio can be as sexy and as much fun as TV or online. This is a problem we are facing quite often, that young people want to go to South Africa and shoot a video with Gisele Bündchen - nobody actually does that, but they are all dreaming of it and radio is boring, it’s like grandmother in media. And we want to tell them in this workshop that radio can be a lot of fun"

–– Viktoria Kaspar, RMS Austria


"UTV are heavily marketing this. Why? Because it’s naturally an incredibly great win-win business model. We found that in several cases: for example the supermarket ASDA, who got involved and have created loads of adverts, have now bought a stack more airtime, it has gone up 25% purely from working with this project"

–– Peter Stone , Riviera Media Group


"RMS Kreation strongly helps us to gain new business; in 2012 36 spot campaigns were produced with our partner pool. We have rising cases of spot optimisation and spot production as well. Different customers have asked us to make radio spots for them, and with all these business partners together we made a media value of 6 million Euros gross in 2012. For us it’s really a success story."

–– Tanja Hagen , RMS Germany


"As we only started last year, there is not yet a big revenue share, but we are working on it. The first success - radio is being talked about again, media-related magazines have written about it. They have even complimented us, saying that at least we are doing something, in comparison to other media."

–– Jessica Wonneberger, Goldbach Media