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 What they said ...

We asked atmedia Group and Aegis Media for their comments on this initiative:


“As the media market undergoes rapid fragmentation, the demand for better quality data and measurement is growing. If Atmedia’s investment can bring us a better knowledge on TV viewing and support us in planning targeted TV campaigns for narrow groups of consumers, it’s more than welcome by the agencies’ industry. Niche channels’ viewership data delivered by the general market research are not stable and therefore not very credible for media planners, unless analysed over long periods or in broad demographic groups. Improved, more detailed TV measurement is definitely required by the media agencies and channels. The perfect model of cooperation for me, as a representative of a media agency, would be to have direct access to the tool - now only Atmedia can provide us with reports from its research.”

–– Edward Korbel, Research Director – Aegis Media


“For brands, which concentrate on narrow audience groups, the key to advertising success is to precisely monitor the viewing figures and to customise campaigns adjusted exactly to target groups’ interests and programme selection. This could only be achieved thanks to SpotLight.”

–– Marcin Boroszko, CEO – atmedia Group