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 What they said ...

We asked several people who are either involved in this initiative or spoke at the recent TV Effectiveness Day 2013 for their comments:


"Wirkstoff TV is the logical evolution of the long-term and successful cooperation around the TV Effectiveness Day. It’s about time we speak with one voice now."

–– Jan Kühl, Managing Director of El Cartel Media and co-founder of Wirkstoff TV


"“Whatever we offer to the market has to be relevant and credible, especially when it comes to research. That’s why we will integrate the clients and the agencies much earlier and much deeper into the goals, topics and methods of our future research projects. We will give up control – but win credibility."

–– Martin Krapf, Managing Director of Wirkstoff TV, about the philosophy of the joint TV marketing initiative


"The future will become more complex and we will need more orientation. We are trying to find solutions, but are taken over by technological developments. So we have to think about market standards and cornerstones, with topics like convergence currency, infrastructure and vocational training. And it’s a big asset for those forces who are beginning to make the pace now."
–– Manfred Kluge, CEO Omnicom Media Group Germany, about future challenges and the need for joining forces


"The TV Effectiveness Day is a good event because it deals with the question of how television works. And that is of course the very question we are asking ourselves every day: What is it our viewers are interested in, what is relevant to them, and what is the impact of our offers on them?"

–– Peter Kloeppel, Editor-in chief and news anchor of RTL Television, about the TV Effectiveness Day 2013