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Business case studies No 242 - 21.12.2018

Your favourite radio case studies of 2018

The final egtabite of the year features the most interesting of topics: the egtabites! Proudly looking back at 2018, we’ve compiled the definitive list of your favourite case studies, based on open and click rates. We invite you to rediscover these great insights and creative innovations our members have so kindly shared with us this past year.

If your thirst for knowledge has not been quenched by this overview, feel free to discover the complete archive of 240 egtabites on egta’s website. Should you wish to feature a case in our egtabites, feel free to reach out. The egtabites will return in January 2019.

egtabite 219: Bringing radio to smart speakers
Examples of successful skills and apps developed by radio publishers.
egtabite 205: How advertising on radio drives online search
Research shows radio’s impact on digital behaviours and activities, and the medium’s relevance in a digital and e-commerce world.

egtabite 207: Spot on Podcast in Germany
The first comprehensive research into the growing podcast market in Germany.

egtabite 203: OMS Studio – investing in radio creativity and audio concepts
Promoting audio as a format and helping clients and agencies include sound in their media plans.
egtabite 201: The 702 Road trip – branded content drives engagement and results
Generating memorable and surprising content that engaged audiences across digital, social and radio channels.

egtabite 209: Attribution tool for online audio advertising – Listener Insight ID by DAX
Ad effectiveness tool which enables advertisers to measure the performance of audio campaigns and to provide them with deeper audience insights on digital audio listeners.
egtabite 215: Branded podcasts - an untapped opportunity for radio publishers and marketers
Produce something the audience would find useful and valuable, while connecting with what the brand partner does.
egtabite 217: RMS Audio DMP: Data-driven audio advertising
Own DMP based on listener ID allows RMS to collect cookie-based data from all possible data touchpoints.
egtabite 223: Fostering relationships with clients – from sponsorship to branded content and beyond
The partnership continues to grow beyond the morning show with a podcast and live events cooperation.
egtabite 228: The first automated and data-based broadcast radio advertising campaign in Europe
This solution, dynamically adjusts media plans and copy versions based on pre-set scenarios and data sources.

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