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Business case studies No 249 - 22.02.2019

Radio drives online traffic and sales – promoting the medium with strong case studies

Hungarian Radio Sales House (RSH) sells the commercial airtime of 4 national public radios, 40 local stations and the FITRADIO – a unique music service in the fitness-wellness industry.

In the absence of industry cooperation on research and promotion of radio, RSH took the lead with several initiatives proving and promoting the power of radio. Inspired by Westwood One (USA) and their research on misconceptions of advertisers and agencies about radio (presented at egta MIM 2016) Radio Sales House launched their own survey to map out and debunk the most common misconceptions about radio as a medium on the Hungarian market.

The results of the survey among agencies and advertisers showed a big discrepancy between clients’ perception of radio - its reach, time spent listening, ability to reach young audiences, and the facts; i.e. radio's actual performance in these areas; always to the disadvantage of radio. This research by Radio Sales House served as a basis to correct these misperceptions and demonstrate radio's strengths to the industry.

One of the myths was the idea that only online channels can reach the active population during the day. In order to prove radio’s ability to reach consumers during the day and drive online traffic and sales, Radio Sales House decided to do a first ever study on the Hungarian market focusing on radio’s power to drive online traffic. They designed a campaign for two clients that had never advertised on radio before.

Case studies: Radio drives traffic

One was a travel agency Startutazás and the other one a consumer electronics retailer Bestmarkt. In the latter category it was more difficult to find a client that does not use radio already. Both clients were mainly using Google and Facebook for their campaigns. The electronics retailer also used price comparing websites.

The campaign lasted for a week in April 2017 and radio spots were broadcast across two national radio stations, one Budapest radio station and twenty-nine local radio stations.

Clients provided server data and data from Gemius regarding audience (users, reach) which then allowed to track results of the campaign.


Following the campaign, the number of contracts for the travel agency dramatically increased by 80% and the total value of these contracts doubled - radio raised the trust in the brand.

The results for the electronics retailer were equally impressive with a 37% uplift in orders and a 45% rise in value of orders when compared to the week prior.

The aggregated results showed a 40% increase in interest and a 50% increase in registrations brought by the radio campaigns. Additionally, combining digital and radio advertising doubled sales for the clients. Together with a pool of international business cases across the egta network, such success stories are great tools to promote radio.



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