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Business case studies No 253 - 22.03.2019

Qwistet – lunch date with your listeners

In this week’s egtabite we share an example of an innovative interactive game that engages listeners within a radio app and creates new opportunities for branded content and monetisation.

Live online video quiz

In November 2018 Medialaan (Belgian private media company) launched Qwistet - an interactive live online video quiz accessible via the Q app (free app of the popular Q music radio station). The concept is simple, users register and log in to the Q app to participate in a live video quiz every weekday,  at exactly 12:30. In this fast-paced live game show, popular radio host Vincent Fierens asks ten multiple choice questions, giving users ten seconds to answer each. If the given answer is correct, the player moves on to the next question. In case of a wrong answer or missing the time limit, the player is disqualified and can watch the rest of the quiz but no longer actively play.

The daily prize pool is 500 euros and gets distributed among the quiz participants who answered all ten questions correctly. If there is no winner, the prize pool is added to the next Qwistet. The timing of the quiz aims to engage people during their lunch break when they are often online and looking for a way to relax and unwind. With Qwistet their lunch break will never be the same again.

The questions cover a wide range of topics such as current affairs, film, music, series and sports. All players can also interact with Vincent and each other via a chat function offering a Facetime-like experience. Users are also encouraged to invite friends to register and play and are rewarded in the form of an extra life for each friend that registers using their unique code.

Involving clients

After a very successful launch in November 2018 and establishing the game as a daily ritual for thousands of people, Medialaan decided to go one step further and involve clients.

For example, together with the insurance company NN, Medialaan launched a special edition of Qwistet on 7th of J anuary focusing on new year’s resolutions. A radio campaign alerted listeners to the fact that thanks to NN the daily prize was exceptionally raised to 5000€ instead of the usual 500€. One of the questions in the quiz was also related to NN and a pre-roll NN ad was placed before the game started. The number of players more than doubled compared to the usual day average.

This innovative game format offers many possibilities for further client involvement such as sponsorship, video ads, product placement, branded content in the form of thematic questions, special cash prizes and much more.

The Qwistet live video quiz creates a new touchpoint with the Qmusic brand and helps grow the number of app downloads and registered users.

Results show an average of almost 5000 daily players brining far more registered users, more sessions and more screen views to the Q app.




» Qwistet promo (click here)

» Qwistet gameplay from the special edition on 7th of January 2019 (click here)


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