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Business case studies No 254 - 29.03.201

As consumers are inundated with advertising daily, it is becoming increasingly difficult for brands to stand out and engage with their target audience. The TV industry continues to innovate, striving for creative and effective ways to attract their viewer’s attention.

Recent innovations on the TV screen include the development of interactive ads which add another dimension to user experience, offering brands a great way to directly interact with potential customers in front of their screen. This week’s egtabite features the Swiss sales house Admeira and its recent award-winning new format in interactive advertising: The Ok Button, which is presented today at egta’s DigitalNext annual meeting in Lisbon.

How does the OK Button work?

Admeira developed the OK Button as an interactive extension of the current TV advertising. Concretely, viewers will see a call-to-action indicator (an overlay graphic) appear in a TV spot. By pressing the OK Button on their remote controller, the viewer is redirected to a dedicated TV app for the brand with a myriad of possibilities – they can either order a sample, organize a test drive or participate in a contest, for example.

The fact that the OK Button works on the main public TV channels covering all three language regions of Switzerland - as well as via the telco Swisscom TV represented in private households - promises interaction with a high number of viewers in that specific market.

What makes the OK Button distinctive is its connection with Swisscom's CRM interface, enabling viewers to automatically fill in the data of their household as well as enabling them to willingly offer consent for that information to be used by the advertiser.

Therefore, the OK Button perfectly complies with current data protection regulations. With the viewer’s agreement, advertisers then engage in a true dialogue with the viewer without a break. Due to the simplicity of this interactive function and law compliance, a high participation rate of the advertising campaigns is guaranteed.

Advertiser’s success story: Volvo Cars

One of the biggest advertisers to test the interactive OK Button on the Swiss market is Volvo Cars. According to the multinational car manufacturing company, the interactive TV advertising campaign, which ran for four weeks, has created an absolute novelty in the advertising industry.

Consumers were able to directly interact with their commercial via the remote control and able to navigate to a registration page for test drives of the latest Volvo V60 model with the simple push of a button.

"This interactive form of advertising is the future of TV advertising," said Philipp Mason, director of NextGen TV at Admeira. These interactive campaigns proved to be a great success.

Market reaction

The advertising industry welcomed this interactive initiative with open arms. In fact, Admeira’s new interactive TV advertising format received two prominent industry awards.

A few months upon its launch, Admeira’s OK Button received the HbbTV Award in Berlin for the best use of HbbTV for advertising, competing with a total of 47 applications within 7 different categories, coming from 12 different countries.

Another example of great acclaim for Admeira’s project and OK Button campaign for Volvo Cars was the Promotion award from the Ringier Group Executive Board in the category “The Innovator”. The case won among 18 nominated finalists, which clearly testifies to its success.

Admeira develops innovative advertising solutions with the aim of achieving the maximum advertising impact for advertisers. In this sense, the OK Button is a milestone that for the first time allows direct interaction between the brand and TV viewers. I'm very proud of my team, "said Admeira CEO Bertrand Jungo in the message.




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