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Business case studies No 259 - 03.05.2019

DIVA 3.0 – proving and amplifying audio’s and video’s impact

To account for client’s evolving needs, Var (the sales house of Belgium's Flemish public broadcaster) introduced new features to their long running impact study that test sonic and visual branding identity, as well as capture direct consumer feedback to an ad creative.

The background

DIVA is an established study on the effectiveness of TV and radio commercials that Var has been running for the last 20 years. The main challenge for the sales house is how to capitalise on DIVA’s legacy but at the same time reflect the changes on the advertising market and respond to advertisers’ evolving audio and video needs.

DIVA 3.0

Var decided to adapt their DIVA study to the changing media environment and assist brands in gaining new insights that help them reach customers more effectively. To make DIVA 3.0 future-proof, the sales house teamed up with market research agency InSites Consulting.

One of the new features aimed at capturing “passive consumer attention” and testing whether brands have clear and distinctive brand assets via their sonic and visual branding.

DIVA 3.0, the improved version of the study, now also delivers results regarding sonic recall and sonic attribution for individual brands based on a 2 second unbranded snippet of the spot that was played to the test group. In the case of visual branding the test group was shown a stationary image from an ad for four seconds. In both cases, the key is the instant reaction; the respondent has to answer immediately and instinctively without rationalising the answer. This technique also measures brand attribution. The results of these tests then make up a visual or sonic attribution score. Var’s ambition is to encourage brands to develop clear audio guidelines and not miss this great audio marketing opportunity.

Another new feature of DIVA involves capturing direct feedback from consumers via the so-called pulse test. While watching or listening to an ad, consumers indicate like, dislike, or neutral feedback second by second. Based on the results brands can then optimise the creative to make their spots more likeable.

These new features future-proof the DIVA study and position Var as an innovative media partner that provides high-performance solutions to agencies and their advertising clients to connect them with consumers in the best possible way. Var also reflects this new approach in the way they present results to clients, with speed, agility and with KPIs clearly and comprehensively visualised.






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