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Business case studies No 329 - 05.02.2021

This week’s egtabite puts the spotlight on TV 2 Denmark and the recent launch of TV 2 Connect - a unique self-service platform for the purchase of addressable TV. 

The Danish sales house currently delivers targeted advertising both via linear dynamic ad replacement and VOD pre-rolls (1-3 minutes). With 70% of revenue coming in via TV buyers, 20% via programmatic, and 10% via direct sales, TV 2 focused on developing a brand-new platform directed at small and medium-sized businesses.

A market need

Several reasons prompted the development of this new and flexible tool launched in December 2020.

Firstly, the fact that there are currently over 300.000 SMEs in Denmark, which often do not need advertising at a national level and for whom the cost of running a national campaign on TV would be prohibitive.

Secondly, the current trend that advertisers are in-housing media buying and looking for ways to leverage the data they already have on their customers. Some advertisers also task their digital or creative agencies to do the media buying on their behalf, thereby opening up the TV ad buying market to a group of agencies who don’t have access to the same platforms for buying TV as the media agencies.

The tool's flexibility and familiarity have also made it an interesting asset for media agencies who use TV 2 Connect to check for available inventory during specific time periods quickly, or to manage clients who also run ads regionally or locally themselves, eg. Franchise owners.

Creating a flexible and familiar tool

The platform, which was developed in-house, is fully integrated with TV 2's current client system (enabling access to billing information), the creative assets database (for the TV creatives) and the addressable TV ad server to confirm availability of VOD and live TV inventory (on OTT).

TV 2 Connect enables advertisers to optimise campaigns by demographics (age and gender), frequency management (how many times you want the ad to be shown to your target audience across all the devices you can watch TV 2 PLAY on), and not least geography; either regionally and soon also down to specific cities or postal codes.

The tool's interface was deliberately modelled to resemble the Facebook interface, making it easy to use and making it familiar to digital planners. If the creative ad has been pre-approved, a requirement by Danish law, exclusively for TV, the campaign can be up and running in as little as 4 hours.

“TV 2 Connect truly is the best of both worlds. With this user-friendly platform, clients can combine the quality, emotions and transparency of TV advertising with the targeting and insights of digital.” asserts Christian Godske, Head of Innovation, Addressable TV at TV 2 Denmark.

The road ahead

After beta testing, a first version 1.0 was released to the public in December 2020. The next version, which will be launched shortly, will allow advertisers to make payments using a credit card, whereas now users need to be registered as a client. The following iteration will also offer contextual targeting (next to sports, or fiction) and allow clients for example to target households where viewers have been watching kids content as a ‘household with small kids living at home’.

Furthermore, this version will also support Custom Audiences selection, allowing advertisers to use their own first-party data to create bespoke audiences, eg. by excluding existing customers or reaching these with a tailored message.

The egta team welcomes Christian Godske to its upcoming Online Talk on 11 March – where TV 2 Connect will be demonstrated live. Eager to learn more? Register to the Talk here.



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