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GAFA's sales pitches with Steven Golus

2 December 2020 - ONLINE ZOOM MEETING


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Online Workshop on the Tech Giants with Steven Golus


When: Wed December 2nd 2020 - 15.00 - 16.15 CET 

Where: See Zoom registration link below



We know that in this continuing crisis, you are currently under high pressure to deliver a valuable strategic vision to drive your sales house and help transform it to thrive in the total video digital ecosystem.
With this in mind – we are inviting you today to join your peers in a special workshop with Steven Golus which aim is to help you understand the marketing and sales strategy of global online platforms (Google/Facebook/Amazon) in order to better redefine TV/Video and Radio/Audio’s narrative, strategy and commercial approach.


Throughout his career Steven held senior positions at pioneering organizations. Most recently Steven served as General Manager, Go-to-Market, for DataXu, a leading digital marketing management platform. Steven now trains ad technology firms, publishers, ad agencies and advertisers on all facets of digital advertising. Thousands of sales and marketing professionals from A&E, AMC, NBC, Viacom, Discovery, Fox, Facebook, GroupM, Omnicom. IPG, Havas, Dentsu and Horizon Media have benefited from Steven’s tailored content and distinctive delivery. The upcoming workshop is a direct consequence of the success of the earlier sessions with Steven organised by egta in 2019.

We kindy invite you to register to this workshop via the button below.

Please note that this talk is open to egta members only – feel free to circulate this invite widely but internally only! If you are not an egta member and would be interested in attending, please contact [email protected]







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