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MarCom Online Showcase

14 January 2021 - ONLINE ZOOM MEETING


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About the event

Vision 2021: Insights into the most effective B2B marketing and communication strategies during the pandemic & inspiration for the times ahead

The Covid-19 pandemic has upended our lives. Lockdowns, travel restrictions, home-working and overall caution have prompted media companies to rethink their strategies and restructure operations. Swift and innovative adaptions on all fronts have been necessary, from B2B communications with clients to digitising events such as the yearly screenings.

During this unprecedented period, egta members have been particularly innovative in their communications with clients and the promotion of their total video campaigns. To kick-off the year 2021, we invite egta members sales houses to join us for an Online Showcase where members share their best ideas, the learnings and look forward to the months ahead.

A two-hour inspiring online event for Marketing and Communications teams of egta members sales houses where a number of participants will present and share concrete case studies, practical ideas and business strategies that can fuel their B2B communications in 2021.

Where & When?
A Zoom webinar on the January 4th from 2:30 PM to 4:45 PM CET.


  • Case studies: How have sales houses adapted their marketing and communication strategies during and throughout the different stages of the pandemic?
  • Strategy: What is their vision to stay in touch with clients in 2021 – based on the lessons learnt in 2020?
  • Vision: How should sales houses communicate today about their complex “total video” offer? What role do the streaming, VOD and other platforms play in their image as providers of a quality environment for TV inventory?

For whom?
This Online Showcase event is open to and free for all professionals of egta TV member companies working in the Marketing or Communications departments. We hope to see as many of you for an inspiring and practical event!

If you are not an egta member and would be interested in attending, please contact [email protected]



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