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ProSiebenSat.1 TV / SevenOne Media

Type: TV

Country: Germany

Address: Medienallee 4 - 85774 Unterföhring

Phone: + 49 89 95 07 40


Stakeholders: 100% subsidiary of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group

Status of the company: Owned by the channel

Type of company: Private

Number of employees: 320

Contact details

CEO of the sales house/Head of Sales dpt

Name: Thomas Wagner

Title: Managing Director

Contact person

Name: Alexandra THALLMAIR

Email: [email protected]

Reference person

Function Name

Managing Director (Chairman) /

Group Chief Officer
Thomas Wagner
Chief Commercial Officer
(ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE)
Sabine Eckhart

Managing Director

Sales Steering/Finance
Dr. Jens Mittnacht
Managing Director
Market Intelligence
Guido Modenbach

Managing Director

Sales Operations 
Georg Nitzl

Managing Director Digital /

CCO ProSiebenSat.1 Digital & Adjacent
Thomas Port

Head of Communication

Sales & Diversification
Marcus Prosch
Head of European Affairs  Heiko Zysk
Director Pricing & Media Strategy Thomas Muckenschnabel
Director Research  Gerald Neumüller

Market data

Name of TV channels commercialised by your sales house:

TV Channel

Audience Share A 14-49 Y

Audience Share Viewer 3+

Market Share

SAT.1 8.7% 7.30% 14.90%
ProSieben 10.40% 5.0% 16.90%
kabel eins 5.1% 3.8% 7.3%
SIXX 1.3% 0.8% 1.8%
SAT.1 Gold 1.40% 1.40% 0.90%
ProSieben MAXX 1.1% 0.6% 1.0%
kabel eins Doku* (Start Sept 2016)
- - -

 Other activities : 

Other media Internet     Digital Out of Home    Mobile  
VOD offers Maxdome (pay VOD)
Catch-up service 7TV, Channel websites
Other platform Mobile Apps, Smart TV Apps, Studio71 (multi-channel network)


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