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RMS Radio Marketing Service GmbH & Co. KG

Type: Radio

Country: Germany

Address: Moorfuhrtweg 17 - 22301 Hamburg

Phone: + 49 40 23 890 0


Stakeholders: 20 shareholders are regional radio stations

Status of the company: Owned by the channel

Type of company: Private

Number of employees: 168

Contact details

CEO of the sales house/Head of Sales dpt

Name: Matthias Wahl

Title: Chief Executive Officer

Contact person

Name: Doreen Schneider, Anke Becker

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Telephone: + 49 40 23 890 182

Reference person

Matthias Wahl, CEO - Head of Sales House

Alexander Sempf, General Manager Sales

Martin Rahf, Head of Marketing

Uwe Domke, Head of Research

Kristen Schade, Head of Communication / PR

Kai Zenke, Head of European Affairs / Head of Legal

Cord HollenderHead of Pricing / Revenue Optimisation 

Frank Bachér, Head of Digital

Elmar Stein, Head of Digital Sales

Jutta GottschalkHead of Media & Campaign Management

Stefan WittHead of Special ads or Special Formats

Market data

Name of commercialised radio stations

Channel Name 

Total radio stations

Audience Share


Market Share 



Source (RADIO):  Audienceshare: ma 2018 II, continuing time of listening, Marketshare in % based on their respective Federal State, broadcast advertising, Mo-So, German speaking people 14 years and older. Advertisingshare: gross cost, Nielsen Media Research 1-10/2018, Marketshare in % compared to Radio Spendings Total



Commercialise other media:

Internet    Online-Audio

Commercialise online audio:

1.FM, 104.6 RTL,, Accuradio, ACE Radio, AddictedtoRadio, ANTENNE BAYERN, Antenne Niedersachsen, ANTENNE THÜRINGEN, Antenne Vorarlberg, Atlantis FM, Apollo Radio,

Hitradio RTL, Radio Chemnitz, Radio Dresden, Radio Erzgebirge, Radio Lausitz, Radio Leipzig, Radio Zwickau, Vogdland Radio, BigR, Blog Talk, CHRONIX RADIO, Antenne 1, bigFM, Radio 7, Radio Karlsruhe, Radio Regenbogen, RPR1, Deezer, Digitalbox, DJC, Dubbase.FM, Empire Streaming, EspaceGroup, FluxFM, 89.0 RTL, Radio Brocken, FUSION RADIO, Gloman, BB Radio, Radio Teddy, Jam.FM, JOKE FM, Karnaval, Klassik Radio, Kronehit, La Vanguardia, Laut FM, Leuffen Medien, Munich's Hardest Hits, Nostalgie EU, HITKANAL.FM, SCHLAGERLAWINE24, Ostseewelle, 105'5 Spreeradio, 80s80s, 90s90s, 94,3 rs2, Antenne MV,, Berliner Rundfunk, Deep House Cat Show, Defjay, Delta radio, Die neue 107.7, Energy Sachsen, FFH, Footballerei,, HOTMIX RADIO,, KISS FM, Landeswelle Thüringen, Planet radio, PLUG radio, R.SA, R.SH, Radio 21, Radio Arabella, Radio B2, RADIO BOB!, Radio BOB! Rockt Schleswig-Holstein, radio ffn, Radio FG, Radio Hamburg, Radio NRW, Radio Paloma, Radio PSR, RADIO Reeperbahn, Radio Salü, Radio SAW, Radio Ton, Radio U1, Rakuten, RauteMusik, RMNradio, Rock Antenne, Rocket Beans, Rockland Radio, Rockland.FM, RTL – Deutschlands Hit-Radio, Scandinavian Chill, Schlagerparadies, Schlagerplanet, Star FM, StreamHits, sunshine live, talkSPORT, THE WAVE, Top 100 Station, TRAXX.FM, TuneIN, VHR,, Yourlisten

Commercialise online video:


BTL projects (events and other activations)


Commercialise apps:

104.6 RTL, 105'5 Spreeradio, 80s80s,90s90s, 89.0 RTL, 93,6 JAM FM, 94,3 rs2, 98.8 KISS FM,  Antenne 1, Antenne MV, Antenne Niedersachsen, Antenne Thüringen, Antenne Vorarlberg, Baden.FM, BCS, Berliner Rundfunk 91,4, BigFM, Deezer, Defay, Delta Radio, Die neue 107.7, ENERGY Sachsen, ESC Radio,  Gay.FM,, Hit-Radio FFH, Hotmix Radio, IBIZA Global Radio, Jack.FM, Joke FM, Karnaval, Klassik Radio, Kronehit, Landeswelle Thüringen, Leuffen Medien, Munich's Hardest Hits, Ostseewelle, Planet Radio, Puls.FM, R.SA, R.SH, Radio 21, Radio 7, Radio Arabella, Radio B2, RADIO BOB!, Radio BOB! Rockt Schleswig Holstein, Radio Brocken, Radio Hamburg, Radio Karlsruhe, Radio NRW, Radio Paloma, Radio PSR, RADIO Reeperbahn, Radio Rockland, RADIO SALÜ, Radio SAW, Radio Ton, Radio Top 40, Radio VHR, Radionomy, Raute Musik, Rocketbeans, Rockland Radio, RPR 1., RTL Radio, Schlagerplanet, STAR FM, Sunshine Live, the wave, TuneIn



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The reference centre for audiovisual advertising sales houses


egta is the Brussels-based trade association of television and radio sales houses that market the advertising space of both public and private broadcasters across Europe and beyond.

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