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Type: TV

Country: Belgium

Address: Harensesteenweg 224 – 1800 Vilvoorde

Phone: +32 2 712 56 38


Stakeholders: Telenet

Status of the company: Independent

Type of company: Private

Number of employees: 136

Contact details

CEO of the sales house/Head of Sales dpt

Name: Jeroen Bronselaer

Title: CEO

Contact person

Name: Melissa Adriaensens

Email: [email protected]

Reference person

Head of Sales: Bart Demeulenaere

Head of Marketing: Elise Matthys

Director Business Intelligence : Jeroen Coeymans

Head of Communication / PR: Liesbeth Reper

Head of European Affairs / Head of Legal: Liesbet Hauben

Head of Pricing / Revenue Optimisation: Jochen Houbrechts

Head of Digital: Wim Staelens

Head of Digital Advertising : Brenda Liebens

Head of Special Special Formats: Bart Demeulenaere

Head of Commercial Research : Sofie Rutgeerts

Market data

Ownership/status of the TV channels/radio stations commercialised by the sales house:Private
Type of TV channels commercialised by the sales house: Free-to-air, Paid & Thematic

Names of TV channels commercialised by the sales house: Play 4, Play 5, Play 6, Play 7, Njam!
Other media commercialised by the sales house:
Publishers’ websites (eg. broadcasters / media groups, individual channels, others):,,,
Video streaming services (VOD, catch-up): Go Play
Other: SBS Smart AD: Native Nation

Market position


Audience share of the channels commercialised by your sales house
Total (linear TV): 23,1%
Source: CIM TV Study North, PRP 18-54 / 17-24u/ VIER+VIJF+ZES+DISC+TLC+NJAM
Sales house’s market share:


Total (TV): 31,2%
Source: Pige Nielsen 2019, gross advertising figures



About us

The reference centre for audiovisual advertising sales houses


egta is the Brussels-based trade association of television and radio sales houses that market the advertising space of both public and private broadcasters across Europe and beyond.

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Rue Washington 34 / boîte 14
1050 Brussels (Belgium)
Tel.: + 32 2 290 31 31
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