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Type: TV

Country: Poland

Address: ul. Wiertnicza 166, 02-952 Warszawa

Phone: +48 22 856 64 02


Stakeholders: TVN S.A.

Status of the company: Owned by the channel

Type of company: Private

Number of employees: 300

Contact details

CEO of the sales house/Head of Sales dpt

Name: Piotr Tyborowicz

Title: Head of sales Department and President of TVN Media

Contact person

Name: Dorota Szawara

Email: [email protected]

Reference person

Head of Sales: Piotr Tyborowicz

Head of Marketing: Tomasz Marszałł

Head of Research: Marcin Bogłowski

Head of Communication / PR: Joanna Górska

Head of European Affairs / Head of Legal: Dominika Stępińska - Duch

Head of Pricing / Revenue Optimisation/ Premium TV Dept.: Andrzej Karasowski

Head of Digital: Agnieszka Barylska - Gajzler

Head of Special Special Formats: Jacek Szymczyk

Market data

Ownership/status of the TV channels commercialised by the sales house: Private
Type of TV channels commercialised by the sales house: Combination of Free-to-air, Paid and Thematic


Names of TV channels commercialised by the sales house: TVN, ITVN, TTV, Metro, TVN 7, TVN Fabula, TVN Style, TLC, HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel, Discovery Life, Animal Planet, Discovery Crime & Investigation, TVN Turbo, Discovery, Discovery Science, Discovery Historia, DTX, TVN24, TVN24 Bis, Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2, NTL, TV Puls, Puls 1, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Nick toons, MTV, Comedy Central, Comedy Central Extra!, Paramount Channel, Canal+ Sort, Canal+ Sport2, nSport+, Ale Kino+, Planete+, Kushnia+, Domo+, Mini Mini+, Teletoon+, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, National Geographic, National Geographic Wild, Nat Geo People HD, Fox, Fox Comedy, Romance TV, Motowizja, Sport Klub, Fight Klub, E-sport, Red, Studio Med TV
Other media commercialised by the sales house:
Publishers’ websites (eg. broadcasters / media groups, individual channels, others): TVN, TVN24, TVN24 bis, Eurosport, TVN Meteo, TVN WARSZAWA, konkret24, Toteraz, dziendobry, TVN Style, HGTV Home & Garden,, TVN turbo, TTV, TVN7, Canal+ Premium, Kushnia+, Ale Kino+, Mini Mini+, Teletoon+, Planete+, Domo+, Disney Channel, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central,, Gazeta Pomorska, Tele Magazyn, Dziennik Zachodni, Echo Dnia, Dziennik Bałtycki, Gazeta Lubuska, Interra,,,, Viva! pl, Wizaz pl,,,,, Papilot,,
Video streaming services (VOD, catch-up): Player

Audience share of the channels commercialised by your sales house
Total(linear TV + VOSDAL+TSV 2d): 38%
Source: NAM, audience shr, 2019


Sales house’s market share

Total (TV): 42,8%
Source: NAM, Share of voice, GRP30”, All 16 49


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