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egta members can contact the team each time they have a question related to television/video or radio/audio advertising. In so doing, they can benchmark themselves against other similar companies in Europe and beyond, and feed answers and learnings directly into their strategies and decision-making. The answers to members' questions may be found in existing databases or by drawing on work carried out on a similar topic in the past. If not, egta conducts surveys either amongst the whole of its membership or, when appropriate, in smaller subsets of members. Please note that the results of surveys conducted by egta are made available to members who contributed to the poll - if any.


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Survey on time-shifted viewing (TV)

8 September 2016

egta survey evaluating the possibilities for viewers to time-shift TV programmes and assessing the impact of time-shifted viewing (TSV) on the advertising market, mainly with regards to ad skipping.


egta survey on fidelity/loyalty index (TV)

30 August 2016

egta survey looking at the use of fidelity/loyalty index in terms of viewership to improve programme grid's planning and forecasting.


egta compilation of radio case studies - promotion of radio as a medium (RADIO)

1 August 2016

egta compilation of radio case studies - promotion of radio as a medium (B2B). Examples of awards, industry initiatives, B2B events, apps, studies. Additional cases available here:


egta survey on business intelligence and analytics tools (TV & Radio)

1 June 2016

egta survey looking at business intelligence and analytics tools used by TV and radio sales houses, including information on results and benefits from using those tools.


egta survey on the ROI of TV compared to other media's ROI (TV)

20 May 2016

A compilation of presentations and studies including figures and insights proving that TV has a greater ROI than any other media.


egta compilation on pre-rolls effectiveness

29 April 2016

A compilation of studies and press articles proving that native digital advertising - video ads specifically designed for digital use - is more effective than linear TV spots used on digital devices as pre-, mid- or post-rolls.


JICs in Europe (TV)

29 April 2016

A compilation containing information on the structure and financing of Joint Industry Committees (JICs) in Europe


egta survey on premium positions in ad breaks (TV)

14 April 2016

egta survey looking at the price policy for premium positions in the advertising break (first, second, second to last and last spots in the break)


egta survey on prime time slot efficiency (TV)

23 February 2016

egta was looking for pieces of research / studies / figures to prove the efficiency of prime time slots vs. other day parts.



egta survey on monitoring tools (TV)

17 February 2016

egta is looking at media monitoring tools/software that allow users to have direct access to pre-selected data such as press articles on specific topics, market data, specific studies etc.


egta survey on L'Oréal 2016 budget (TV)

12 February 2016


egta compilation of examples of research on audio consumption (RADIO)

1 January 2016

egta compiled examples of research focused on the consumption of audio



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