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clypd is the audience-based sales platform for linear television advertising. Founded in 2012, the company's TV advertising technology delivers data-enhanced decisioning, workflow automation and provides media owners and their agency partners with tools to manage their transactions. clypd's innovations around advanced audience selling are powering the marketplace with new levels of precision targeting that enhance the value of TV media schedules. clypd is based in Boston, with offices in New York, and London.

Clients / partners

clypd’s primary customers are TV media companies and include national cable network families and broadcasters. clypd’s customers represent about 42% of the $71B US advertising market. Additionally, clypd partners with agencies, brands, demand side platforms and trading desks to facilitate TV ad transactions on behalf of its media owner customers.


Video Interviews

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The clypd Platform


Inventory / media management & optimisation

Supply-side platform (SSP)

Programmatic & automated trading

Ad exchange

Advanced audience sales platform


Doug Hurd

Cofounder and EVP of Business Development

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Joshua Summers

Cofounder and CEO

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Jason Burke

VP Product

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