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DotAndMedia S.r.l.

Dot&Media is the Italian provider of digital technology ‘as you need it’ for 360° management of the advertising business.

In the fast-changing digital ecosystem, with big tech players having commercial interest themselves and offering ‘as is’ solutions through black box technology, DotAndMedia competes providing advanced, customized and integrated adserving and ERP technologies to meet the business strategy of its clients.  
DotAndMedia believes there is no ‘one size fits all’ in the digital advertising industry. Opting for the independent and flexible solutions of DotAndMedia means: to better manage the digital operations and free human resources from technology slavery; to understand and best exploit technology; to have guaranteed the total privacy on the audience and business information.
The value of DotAndMedia positioning is testified by: the reputation of its clients; the 72° position in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA 2015!





Mediamond; Veesible; Mediaset; Mondadori; Gold5; H-ART; Rolling Stone; Panbianco News; Edimaker; advisato; Setonix; VideoClick.



General information


Dot&Ads is a multi-channel adserver delivering advertising campaigns on web, video player, msite, mobile app, smart tv, set-top box, podcast, streaming radio and game consoles.


Dot&Ads allows to optimize campaign delivery according to several innovative rules. It manages any campaigns type such as premium, behavioural, data-driven, performance, RTB, re-targeting, in-house, customized target based on publisher data (e.g. meteo targeting).


Dot&Ads supports any creative type such us Image Text, Flash, HTML, XML, Video, Rich Media, Display ads, Email, Javascript, HTML5, third-party, native advertising.


100% agnostic technology!


1° adserver in Italy after DoubleClick for Publishers!







Specifications/compatibility requirements



Characteristics differentiating this product/service from others available on the market


  • Customization (‘Technology as you need it’)
  • Full Integration in the client ecosystem (DotAndMedia can add the missing layers)
  • Operative & Technical & Strategic Support (DotAndMedia is considered a partner by its clients)


Example of ompanies using this product







Dot&Sales, ERP


Inventory / media management & optimisation

Advertising and content delivery

Supply-side platform (SSP)

Ad server

Dynamic ad insertion (DAI)


Addressable television

Cross-media monetization


Anti-ad blocking solutions


Sara Micale

Sales and Marketing Manager

[email protected]

+39 02 45390770

+39 3355444067


Via A. M. Ampère, 30 - 20131 Milano

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