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Why radio


2019 The year of Audio


Need some facts and figures about reach, streaming, podcasts and learn how to use audio in the marketing mix?
See the presentation with international figures and arguments PDF or PPT.





Testimonials from marketers and industry leaders on why they embrace radio as an effective medium and advertising platform


Curious how radio and audio help marketers achieve their marketing objectives?


See the collection of testimonials here: PDF or PPT.






Six key arguments for radio advertising


egta compiled six key arguments for radio in a slide deck, including visuals, facts and figures in support of radio as a medium and an advertising platform, including links to various pieces of research to back them up.  We invite you to share these messages widely with the industry and proudly communicate about radio’s strengths!


The PowerPoint version is at your disposal to be adapted, translated, included in your own materials, etc.


You can download the PowerPoint here (fonts incl.) PDF version here



Whether you listen actively or passively, radio always has your attention!

Audio ads work effectively in two modes, both when they are at the forefront of the listener’s attention and when they are heard in the background.


Need a proof?

Radio, always on… Research on the effectiveness of radio commercials at high involvement tasks by RAB & Gfk (2012)

THE MIND SPEAKS: The effect of radio ads on the brain by 538 & Mindshare (2013)

Power of sound  by iHeartMedia & RCS (2015)

Radio ads – the only limit is your imagination!

Audio advertising offers creative flexibility and gives each listener a unique experience within the theatre of the mind.


Need a proof?

Natural speech reveals the semantic maps that tile human cerebral cortex by UC Berkeley (Nature, 2016)

Creative audio spots:

Cannes Lions 2016  – Winners and Shortlists - Radio

Ad Finder by Radiocentre

Radio is on even when screens are not!

Radio reaches listeners at key purchase-relevant and unique touchpoints during the day.


Need a proof?

Snapshots, the behavioural planning tool for the real world

USA Touchpoints 2013.2.A18-64. Distribution of AVG Weekly Minutes  

Radio amplifies other media

Adding radio to the media mix delivers an amplifier effect.


Need a proof?

Touring case study by Var (2014) featured in egtabite n. 154 by egta, Original case study

Ken Garff Automotive case study  by WestwoodOne (2016), featured in egtabite n. 127 by egta,
Original blog piece

Radio in the mix  research by Ster (2014)

ROI and call-to-action – Radio is on it!

Radio delivers the strongest short term ROI and has an unrivalled power as the call-to-action medium.


Need a proof?

Radio: The ROI Multiplier by Radiocentre (2013)

AUDIOEFFEKT  study by RMS & AS&S - 2016 case studies

Nielsen Catalina Solutions (2014), featured in egtabite n. 56 by egta


Radio helps brands grow

When included in the mix, audio advertising significantly expands your brand.


Need a proof?

Boutique bake case study by Urban Media (2016), featured in egtabite n. 156 by egta

Radio: The Brand Multiplier study by Radiocentre (2016) 






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