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Regulatory overviews
Discover egta overviews & analysis documents on EU and national legislation impacting audiovisual media services (for egta members only).


Compilation of national rules on technical sponsorship credits in sports event

1 September 2017

This document presents the main restrictions that apply to the sponsorship of technical partners (e.g. official timekeeper of a competition) in sports events.


Connecting legislation and business: what you and your teams need to know

1 October 2016

The European institutions are currently reviewing the main legislative text regulating the audiovisual industry at EU level: the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD).  This short overview includes everything you need to know about these regulatory changes.


egta overview on sponsorship

9 September 2016

This document presents the main restrictions on TV sponsorship in 15 EU markets.


egta overview on black seconds and sponsorhip signs

24 March 2016

egta following the Court of Justice of the European Union’s ruling in Case C-314/14 (Sanoma case), egta carried out a survey among its members in order to assess the potential effect of the decision on the European TV industry.


egta overview on alcohol advertising rules

1 March 2016

egta overview of EU and national restrictions with regard to alcohol advertising on TV.


egta overview on sponsorship and product visibility

1 March 2015

Learn how, following the implementation of the EU directive into national legislations, the current regulatory framework around Europe tackles the issue of product visibility in sponsorship credits.


egta overview on must-carry, must-offer and retransmission consent

1 February 2015

Learn more about the EU regulation, situation in some egta member countries and recent developments on must-carry, must offer and retransmission consent.


egta overview on rules on e-cigarettes advertising

1 January 2015

egta overview on the rules/guidance on e-cigarette advertising in place at the EU and national level after the adoption of the revised text of the Tobacco Products Directive in 2014.


egta overview on self-promotion inclusion in the hourly limit

1 December 2014

Learn how national legislation deals with self-promotion with regard to quantitative advertising limits.


egta overview on quantitative limits for TV advertising

1 November 2014

egta overview on the national rules on quantitative limits to advertising now in place under Directive 2010/13/EU.


egta overview on gambling advertising regulation

1 October 2014

Analysis of advertising restrictions for gambling services across the EU, including online gambling.


egta overview on food and beverages advertising to children

1 September 2014

information on statutory provisions regarding food and beverage advertising to children in national EU markets, including definitions of the term “children”.


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