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Marketing & Sales Meeting

10 October 2019 - Brussels, Belgium

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Brussels

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About the event


10 OCT 2019 (THU, 08:30 to 16:30): Main conference - TV & radio session running in parallel.


MS – Marketing & Sales Meeting – is one of egta's four annual events. The focus of this conference lies on TV and radio marketing, sales and pricing strategies.

Approximately 200 Directors and Heads of Marketing, Sales and/or Pricing from TV and Radio sales houses from all around Europe will gather to learn from best practices in pricing strategies, data management, and ad sales innovation.

9 OCT 2019 (WED, 19:30): Networking dinner at La Rose Blanche -  52€ - Pay here via PayPal (with a credit card or your PayPal account). In order for the link to work properly, open it on a desk/laptop on Google Chrome.
9 OCT 2019 (WED, 18:00 - 19:00):egta info session
9 OCT 2019 (WED, 15:30 - 18:00): Workshop on Data Strategies and Tools for Radio - The agenda and details are here. We have a limited capacity and will accept members on first come, first served basis. For egta radio members only!
  • Topics: First-party data - collection, processing. Data activation for ad sales and targeting.
  • Format: An interactive workshop - a two hour workshop, including a contribution from external expert and an interactive part where participants – colleagues from radio companies and their sales houses – share their data tools, applications and cases.
  • Participants: The ideal participant should be active in data and online audio strategies within their company and be ready to share details of their data strategy.
Contact [email protected] to register
For egta Board members only:
Board dinner on Thursday 10th October, 19h30 at Humphrey
Board meeting on Friday 11th October, 8h30 - 13h30 at egta offices (Rue des comédiens, 22 B-1000 Brussels)


Rue du Fossé aux Loups 47
B-1000 Brussels

Registration process - Please fill in the form at the bottom by ticking the orange boxes for the sub-events.

If you haven't recieved a confirmation email within a week, please contact [email protected] to confirm your registration.


1. Radisson Blu Royal Hotel (conference venue)
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Conditions of entry to egta's event


Participation in this event is free of charge for all egta members. Please note that egta offers non-member sales houses and broadcasters access to one event in order to see the association in action and to connect with senior professionals from the industry across Europe and beyond. If your company has already used its complementary entrance, please contact the egta team to learn more about the membership options. If you are an industry partner or technology provider, please contact [email protected] to discuss the terms of entry.


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egta is the Brussels-based trade association of television and radio sales houses that market the advertising space of both public and private broadcasters across Europe and beyond.

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