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Addressable TV with Freewheel & Sky Media

28 January 2021 - ONLINE ZOOM MEETING


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Online Talk on addressable TV with Freewheel and Sky Media


When: Thu January 28th 2021 - 15.30 - 16.30 CET 

Where: See Zoom registration link below


Best practices to build an addressable TV offering

The shift to more digital content delivery is obvious. It has accelerated this past year to follow the change in consumer behaviour and consumption, and with it, data, targeting, measurement and attribution have become more important to prove efficiency. And all this points to more addressable TV advertising, as TV has an opportunity to maximise its impact and relevance to marketers. Now is the time to act – and while the market is ripe for addressable TV advertising at scale, there are still many questions around how to do it best, where to start from, what the pitfalls are when launching an addressable TV offer, what the key steps are to prepare such an addressable offering.

Through real examples from Europe and the U.S. and step by step guidance:

  • Kelly Blasco from FreeWheel’s Advisory Services
  • and Leo Malagoni from Sky Media UK

will run through the essentials to enable addressable TV.


We kindy invite you to register to our online talk via the button below. Please note that this talk is open to egta members only – feel free to circulate this invite widely but internally only! If you are not an egta member and would be interested in attending, please contact [email protected]




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