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Online Masterclass on Digital Advertising with Steven Golus

1 March 2021 - 29 March 2021 - ONLINE ZOOM MEETING


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Online Masterclass on Digital Advertising with Steven Golus


Help your team understand what selling a fully digital TV means! Let them join us on Zoom for 5 1-hour sessions each Monday from March 1st to 29th at 3.00 PM CET to help participants think beyond a television-centric approach and truly embrace TV, as in “total video”, a fully digital medium.

Our format puts them in the centre of the learning experience to help them acquire a vision to drive meaningful changes across your sales house.
Target group: The ideal candidate probably works in the Sales department, as (s)he has direct contact with clients and understands their needs and frustrations, but also needs to get trained on how to answer their questions and expectations in the video ecosystem. According to your sales house structure, however, the ideal candidate might also be from another department, such as Marketing for instance, if (s)he fits the description above and would benefit from a very hands-on training session.

This training is designed as an interactive format. Participants will be encouraged to actively contribute, making sure they assimilate the information given as quickly as possible.

Aim: This training will give participants (a small group of 20-30 sales house executives) the opportunity to learn and exchange about all challenges linked to the monetisation of their online inventory.


This training is aimed at all sales house executives who want to get a better grasp at the online advertising and understand in depth how the digital ecosystem works and future-proof their knowledge, so that they can confidentially craft sales pitches, communication plans and/or commercial offers that will position their sales house as a leader in that complex ecosystem.


When: Each Monday at 3.00 PM from March 1st to 29th - 75-min session each time


Training cost: 750€ per participant for the entire Masterclass
Limited to two participants per egta member company (a total of 30 participants per Masterclass allows for greater interaction). 
Please communicate the invoicing information to [email protected]




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Cancellation policy:

Please consider that this is a self-financed project, with a limited number of participants. 
If a participant, therefore, cancels his/her participation in a short delay before the start of the training (up to 3 weeks), the fee for the training still has to be paid. Of course, egta will always try to find a solution by reaching out to other egta members and find a last-minute replacement. If such replacement is found, the invoice can be cancelled. If not, the outstanding invoice will have to be paid by the participating company for whom the seat had been kept in the first place.

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