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Online Talk on the future of digital identity

8 December 2022 - ONLINE ZOOM MEETING

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Online Talk on the future of digital identity
When: Thursday 8 December 2022 - 3:00-3:45 PM CET

Dear colleagues,

In 2020, Google Chrome announced  its intentions to phase out the use of third party cookies. This deadline has now been pushed back until at least the second half of 2024. Broadcasters are already planning how to navigate this next phase of digital advertising.

In our upcoming Online Talk, Joanna Burton, Chief Strategy Officer from ID5, will explain:

  • The impact that Safari and Firefox blocking third-party cookies has already had on digital advertising inventory.
  • The expected issues when Chrome phases out third-party cookies.
  • The declining access to mobile ad IDs and device IDs on connected TV.


Joanna will analyse the changes initiated by big tech players; the regulatory changes; the options available for broadcasters and how it all might play out over the next few years.

Please note that this meeting is restricted to egta members only. If you are not an egta member and would be interested in attending, please contact Paulina at [email protected].


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