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Marketing & Sales Meeting

5 October 2017 - Dublin - Ireland

Venue: Hilton Charlemont - Charlemont Place - Dublin

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About the event

  • 5 OCT 2017 (THU, 08:30 to 16:30): Main conference
TV session: Beyond multiscreen – an industry’s transformation towards unified television
RADIO session: B2B marketing, ad sales and new revenues for radio: tactics, tools and cases to grow the share of radio and audio advertising
Full programme coming soon
  • 4 OCT 2017 (WED, 15:00 - 18:00): Workshop on FM radio revenues & advertising sales - AGENDA
  • 4 OCT 2017 (WED, 19:30): Networking dinner at Fallon & Byrne - cost: 62€ PRE-PAY HERE or bring the amount the evening of the dinner (ATTENTION: open this link using Google Chrome on a desktop/laptop).
Registration process:
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If you haven't recieved a confirmation email within a week, please contact [email protected] to confirm your registration.
1. Hilton Charlemont - venue of the conference
egta block is sold out. you can, book your room at their daily rate here.
2. Mespil Hotel - 8 min walk to conference venue
egta block sold - Bookings upon availability on their website here.
3. The Harcourt Hotel - 9 min walk to conference venue 
Bookings upon availability on their website here.
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The reference centre for audiovisual advertising sales houses


egta is the Brussels-based trade association of television and radio sales houses that market the advertising space of both public and private broadcasters across Europe and beyond.

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