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Online platforms consultation

24 September 2015

On 24 September, the European Commission opened a consultation on online platforms, cloud & data and liability of intermediaries, which will close on 30 December. This consultation aims at assessing if particular issues or opportunities need to be addresses in the online platform sector.
What does this mean for TV advertising?
The consultation is broad and it remains unclear how the European Commission is planning to use its results, however some topics covered directly concern broadcasters’ activities both linear and online. Egta will make a contribution to the public consultation and the final version will be circulated to members.

Next steps: the European Commission will carry a thorough analysis of what is expected to be a large amount of answers. Based on the results, a decision will be taken on whether to take a legislative action in this sector and under what form: e.g. is there a need for a new proposal or would the review of existing legislation like the e-commerce Directive be sufficient?


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