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2015 World Television Day

21 November 2015

egta joins forces with EBU/ACT to celebrate World TV Day:

Young audiences are the focus of this year’s celebration of World Television Day on 21 November – as declared by the United Nations in 1996. 
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Global stats reveal how TV dominates Millennials’ media lives:

TV continues to dominate millennials’ media lives. Despite the popularity and hype around video services such as YouTube and Netflix, the latest data gathered from around the world show how popular TV remains with younger generations.
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TV broadcasters all over the world have adapted the clip produced for World TV Day to broadcast it on their channels. You can see these clips here:


Facts & Figures

The focus of the 2015 edition is young viewers, as this is a universal point of interest for broadcasters and advertisers alike. Whilst some claim that TV is losing young viewers, the industry is very aware that this is to a great extent related to the way the medium is measured, as TV is consumed on an increasingly diverse range of platforms every day. The role TV plays in the life of this target group is unquestionable. TV is simply taking a new form and its content is now being watched on many devices…. But it all remains TV!

While the reality may be different from country to country, you will find below a collection of research which have been carried out in various markets, by different actors, who wanted to know more about millenials consumption of media, and more specifically of TV.



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