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World Radio Day: Six key arguments for radio advertising

13 February 2017

This year, for the fifth time, broadcasters and their sales houses are taking the opportunity of World Radio Day, as declared by UNESCO in November 2011, to invite the industry to celebrate a medium that forms a key part of the lives of millions of people around the world.


With a dedicated website, egta highlights radio’s core strengths and the six key arguments for radio advertising. egta prepared a slide deck with facts and figures in support of radio as a medium and an advertising platform, backed by various pieces of research from Europe and the USA.


Six key arguments for radio advertising (available also as slide deck here, pdf version here):


1. Whether you listen actively or passively, radio always has your attention!

Audio ads work effectively in two modes, both when they are at the forefront of the listener’s attention and when they are heard in the background.


2. Radio ads – the only limit is your imagination!

Audio advertising offers creative flexibility and gives each listener a unique experience within the theatre of the mind.


3. Radio is on even when screens are not!

Radio reaches listeners at key purchase-relevant and unique touchpoints during the day.


4. Radio amplifies other media

Adding radio to the media mix delivers an amplifier effect.


5. ROI and call-to-action – Radio is on it!

Radio delivers the strongest short term ROI and has an unrivalled power as the call-to-action medium.


6. Radio helps brands grow

When included in the mix, audio advertising significantly expands your brand.


egta invites the industry to celebrate the day and share this information on social networks with the hashtag #WorldRadioDay.


Happy World Radio Day!


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