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World Radio Day 2020 - A day to embrace the Year of Sonic

13 February 2020

A day to embrace the Year of Sonic




Radio companies and their sales houses are this year again celebrating World Radio Day and inviting the industry to promote the medium and its core strengths.
On this occasion, egta is proud to present its new sonic logo (here) – to serve as an example and to encourage the global advertising community to embrace audio by becoming increasingly aware of its own sonic identity.
What are the advances for audio in the coming year? Audio is now omnipresent across a multitude of platforms and devices. With the rise of voice technology, there are more speakers than screensout there and brand perception is therefore increasingly driven by sound. An audio identity serves as the acoustic equivalent of a visual identity and is thus essential for brands to distinguish themselves in a screen-less environment.
Radio and audio publishers help clients leverage the scale and reach of audio as well as the creative and innovative potential of these new platforms. Discover more insights on the growing importance of sonic branding in egta’s presentation on the topic, which is available on here (PPT) and here (PDF).
“We have a voice. World Radio Day was truly the most fitting occasion to present our sonic logo to the world – a unique sonic voice that conveys egta’s brand story and seamlessly ties together touchpoints across communications. We invite everyone to listen, to embrace the year of sonic and once again celebrate our medium around the world – now and for many more years to come.”– Katty Roberfroid, Director General, egta
Happy World Radio Day!


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