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The Sound Of Success - How Radio Boosts Your Business

13 February 2021

Radio companies and their sales houses are this year again celebrating World Radio Day and inviting the industry to (re-)discover radio/audio; an efficient and fully digitally transformed medium and its core strengths.
On this occasion, egta - association of TV and radio advertising sales houses - highlights 13 key arguments around how radio boosts business, with facts and figures supporting radio as a medium and an advertising platform; a convincing list backed by various pieces of research and data from Europe and the US. The deck is available on (slide deck with fonts here, PDF version here).
REACH & LISTENING - Reach and time spent listening are as strong as ever. Radio allows brands to reach millions of people on a daily basis.
  1. TARGETABILITY - Radio targets the right people at the right time with the right content.
  2. MULTIPLATFORM & MOBILE - Audio is everywhere and radio is the most mobile medium. With additional touchpoints and formats brought by digital audio radio becomes even more ubiquitous.
  3. COMPANIONSHIP - Radio is a hands-free, eyes-free medium present in unique moments throughout the day.
  4. ENGAGEMENT- Radio brings communities together to inform and entertain. Radios develop a strong relationship with listeners, enabling advertisers to engage them in an intimate & personal setting.
  5. MULTIPLIER - Radio has a unique campaign multiplier effect in the media mix.
  6. ACTIVATION & ROI - Radio drives immediate activation and generates strong ROI – a perfect match for call-to-action campaigns getting tactical messages to air quickly and building frequency.
  7. BRAND BUILDER - Radio helps brands to grow – the high reach of radio combined with its mood-enhancing effect on listeners brings brand-building messages across.
  8. DIGITAL BOOSTER - Radio drives traffic, search and e-commerce.
  9. RECOVERY DRIVER - Brands that advertise on radio in times of crisis – win.
  10. CREATIVITY, FLEXIBILITY & AGILITY Audio offers creative & effective solutions at an affordable production cost. It’s flexibility and agility enables to quickly adapt and air a spot.
  11. TRUST & SAFETYRadio is a trusted source of information – even more in times of crisis. Radio offers premium content, ad fraud and bots-free environment.
  12. INNOVATION - Audio innovations in ad tech and data create new and exciting opportunities for marketers.
Laurent Bliaut, Deputy General Director, Marketing and R&D, TF1 Pub and egta President comments:
“Radio’s unique marketing power caters for both call-to-action and brand-building campaigns. Just as TV does, radio amplifies other media, particularly search and online formats, while digital audio is growing fast, and innovations in ad tech and data create new and exciting opportunities in the media mix. At TF1 Pub, we believe that strong radio brands clearly have an increasingly important role to play in the audio revolution both for listeners and marketers.“
Thierry Mars, Radio Director, egta comments:
By using new technologies, radio evolves, innovates and adapts to new behaviours and lifestyles. Radio is mobile, multi-platform, offering content to everyone, everywhere at any time. Radio is also a powerful business booster enabling brands to reach their targets in a safe environment.”

egta invites the industry to celebrate the day and share their passion for radio on social networks with the hashtag #WorldRadioDay.
Happy World Radio Day!
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World Radio Day was officially declared by UNESCO in November 2011.
About egta:
egta is a Brussels-based trade body representing TV/video and radio/audio companies responsible for the monetisation of content and the sale of advertising and brand integrations across the on air and online portfolio of more than 150 major broadcasters active in 43 countries, in Europe and beyond.
Alain Beerens, egta
Marketing & Communication Manager
Katerina Borovska, egta
Marketing and Innovation Manager


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