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egta position on the Digital Markets Act (DMA) proposal

30 June 2021

egta publishes its position on the Digital Markets Act (DMA) proposal, accessible here.


The paper calls for the proposal to address the following points:


  • Maintain a limited but clarified scope that reflects market realities by including digital voice assistants, connected TVsand web browsers;•Guarantee information transparencyacross the advertising value chain;
  • Ensure gatekeepers provide fair access to datato TV and radio companies in relation to their own content while refraining from using it to compete with broadcasters;
  • Prevent a take-it-or-leave it approach by gatekeepers to the prohibition of end-user data combination and to the obligation of data sharing to business users, by being gatekeepers to end-user consent;
  • Enable independently mandated third-parties to access reliable and granular measurement data;
  • Allow the interoperabilityof services and products online advertising designated by broadcasters with online platforms proprietary tools;
  • Ensure broadcasters accessgatekeepers’ services and negotiate the monetisationof their content on these services, on fair and non-discriminatory general conditions;
  • Prohibit gatekeepers’ capacity to rank more favourablytheir own servicesand third-party sponsored content.



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