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egta members can contact the team each time they have a question related to television/video or radio/audio advertising.

In so doing, they can benchmark themselves against other similar companies in Europe and beyond, and feed answers and learnings directly into their strategies and decision-making. The answers to members' questions may be found in existing databases or by drawing on work carried out on a similar topic in the past. If not, egta conducts surveys either amongst the whole of its membership or, when appropriate, in smaller subsets of members.

How does it work?

egta works on a "give and take"-basis : Please note that the results of surveys conducted by egta are made available to members who contributed to the survey. If you don't have access to a certain document despite being logged in as a member, it means that your company did not contribute to a given question. Don't worry, you can request the empty questionnaire at all times, and we shall open the access to the full set of answers the minute you send us back your answers.


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Request on including non-TV households in TAM panels (TV)

6 December 2021

This short survey looks into the basis of TAM panels in Europe, and in particular if there are pressure to include non-TV households


Request on Euros and World Cup TV Viewing Trends in Europe (TV)

25 November 2021

This survey looks at trends in the evolution of viewing figures of football events (the Euros and the World Cup) broadcast in Europe, the possible factors that may explain such trends and predictions for future viewing figures for the World Cup in 2022.


Request on Male Target Groups (TV)

2 November 2021

Men are playing an increasingly central role as the person responsible for, or having an influence on, purchase. These questions ask about research on this topic, as well as any related evolutions in pricing, offers or client demand based on male target groups.


Request on Sector Exclusivity (TV)

27 October 2021

These questions look at how sales houses apply sector exclusivity within their commercial breaks and the feasibility of guaranteeing sector exclusivity when running addressable advertising.


egta request on key indicators for measuring web radio audience (RADIO)

22 October 2021

Question on what indicator do egta members use to measure the audience of online radio stations, for example Average Active Sessions.


Request on B2B communication

14 October 2021

egta survey on B2B communication; a collection of information and examples of promotional activities undertaken by TV sales houses towards clients.


Request on Multi-branded TV Spots (TV)

6 October 2021

This survey looks at how sales houses price multi-branded TV advertising spots. It also looks at what exceptions are in place for certain kinds of advertisers, the extent to which these exceptions are exploited and how sales houses are responding to this.


egta compilation on monetisation of simulcast of broadcast radios (Radio)

30 September 2021

egta survey on monetisation of online radio channels, specifically simulcast of broadcast radios. To support our radio members to make informed business decisions on strategies and tactics to grow online audio revenues, we are launching a questionnaire on the simulcast monetisation best practices and challenges specifically around ad-replacement and ad-insertion in simulcast streams.


Request on Client Self-service Tools (TV)

23 September 2021

In this survey, we are looking for information on the availability of automated tools/portals provided by sales houses which allow their clients to plan, book, report TV and other media campaigns.


egta survey on Adtech solutions (TV & Radio)

15 September 2021

In order to help TV and radio companies navigate in the ad technology space egta launched a questionnaire to update the AdTech navigator platform. egta collected the following information from members:
  • which facets of their company’s business operations are served by specialised software or dedicated technical solutions;
  • what types of IT products they use and who are the technology providers behind them.


Compilation of dynamics of radio listening among different age groups

22 July 2021

Radio listening dynamics (Reach & ATL) among different target groups (2013-2020)


Request on Addressable Advertising and Connected TVs

9 June 2021

This survey looks into addressable advertising on connected TVs on both linear and live-streaming/VOD/OTT in relation to targeting, sales, measurements and reporting.


egta compilation of food-related content on radio (RADIO)

8 June 2021

examples of radio content and shows revolving around food and gastronomy from various markets


egta survey on luxury brands on radioadvertising (RADIO)

25 May 2021

Examples of luxury brands targeting consumers with high-purchasing power that advertise on radio


egta survey on government TV advertising expenditure (TV)

3 May 2021

This survey looks at the 2019/20 levels of Governmental/State/public sector TV advertising expenditures in egta member markets, including a split between regular informational campaigns and Covid-related campaigns.


Compilation on the evolution of listening of music stations (RADIO)

29 April 2021

The evolution of average daily reach (in 000 and %) and listening time of music radio stations on various markets. Insights on the evolution of music radio format.


egta survey on online audio and ad insertion (RADIO)

20 April 2021

egta survey on the size of online audio market and ad insertion providers and strategies


Request on VOD strategies, collaboration and evolution in viewing (TV)

12 April 2021

With this survey, we are focusing on VOD monetisation strategies (particularly shifts from AVOD to SVOD models), business models, collaboration with other platforms and evolutions in viewer/user numbers.


Request on Sales House Structure (TV)

19 March 2021

An overview of how egta members are organised internally. For example, who has an in-house creative entity dedicated to special solutions.


Request on unsold inventory (TV)

17 March 2021

This request gathers information on sell-out rates, the impact of seasonality and Covid-19, and strategies adopted to prevent nad/or deal with unsold inventory.


Request on Total video campaign information (TV)

8 March 2021

This request gather market-level data on average TV and online video campaigns to help benchmark what a total video campaign looks like in different countries.


Request on food advertising on kid's content (TV)

28 February 2021

This request looks into ideas, best practice and legal rules on food advertising (particularly HFSS food) around childrens’ content.


Request on commercial initiatives for responsible corporate communications (TV)

8 January 2021

This request looks at commercial initiatives taken by sales houses to encourage and highlight responsible corporate communications.



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