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Advertising helps European citizens make informed decisions on the vast array of products and services available to them across the European market. To that extent, it is a central element in the establishment of an efficient single market, and it deserves much attention from European institutions. The business of television and radio advertising sales houses is consequently directly impacted by EU regulations.

The Audiovisual Media Services Directive

Media convergence

Data protection and online behavioural advertising

Advertising for alcoholic beverages

Advertising for HFSS food products

Advertising for pharmaceutical products

Ban on advertising for tobacco products and rules on electronic cigarettes

Compulsory information and warning messages in advertising

Compulsory/warning messages are often used by legislators as a means to inform and protect consumers. However, this generally disregards several practical issues.
egta has always highlighted that radio is not the appropriate channel to provide consumers with detailed technical information. This is based on two facts: firstly, that findings show that consumers, when searching for detailed information before making a purchase decision, do not seek such information in advertising; and secondly, each medium has its own specificities that need to be taken into account. The short duration, the linear nature of the media and the need for highly creative content mean that television and radio advertising are not well suited to carrying detailed technical information in an understandable way.
There are, in fact, more appropriate and efficient communication channels available to reach consumers with the specific information they need at the time of taking their decision, such as supplier literature or a specific call in the advert to visit a website for more information.
Unnecessary warning messages lower media’s attractiveness to advertisers, thus diminishing sources of revenue and endangering quality content creation.
Legal caveats in advertising – a snapshot of the main studies - document available upon request. Please contact the egta team.
egta overview on compulsory messages in radio advertising - document available upon request. Please contact the egta team.

Online gambling advertising

Must carry and retransmission fees

CO2 labelling for cars

17 slides that every marketer should know about TV


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