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Getting creatives to fight it out for radio advertising: BATTLE RADIO FACTORY

The number of marketing messages that reach consumers is increasing in frequency, and the proliferation of communication platforms available to advertisers inevitably adds to an already noisy environment. To cut through the clutter and deliver real results, the importance of high quality in advertising creativity remains paramount. This is especially the case for radio, a medium that relies only on sound to engage and move its audience.

Several initiatives around Europe have helped raise radio’s profile in the eyes of professionals working in the creative advertising industry, including the inclusion of the medium at the Cannes Lions Festival and numerous other awards and galas held each year.

A new initiative from France caught our eye as a particularly interesting way to engage radio’s creative partners: The BATTLE RADIO FACTORY is the first inter-agency competition for the creation of radio advertising in France. The initiative takes as its starting point the following manifesto (as freely translated from the original French):

» Because radio must again become a place of freedom and creativity
» Because the voice-over tends to leave us speech-less
» Because too often the only funny thing about comic shows is their name
» Because promotional spots are rarely good promotion for radio
» Because even low prices should be able to aspire to the Grand Prix
Because the legal mentions should not prevent praiseworthiness
Because no, thirty seconds is not the time it takes to conceive a spot

At the initiative of François Barbe, founder of the agency MEN AT WORK, and Le Bureau de la Radio, all of the advertising agencies in the country are invited to submit written campaign proposals in response to a common brief. This brief, which will be revealed on 1 April, imposes certain restrictions to put everybody on an equal footing, as well as making the process more difficult and more fun. The entries will be judged by a panel presided over by Pascal Grégoire (La Chose).

The winning agency will have their submission produced and broadcast on the 12 member radio stations of La Bureau de la Radio, including the message “This spot was conceived by the agency …”.


» 1 February: Opening date for entries
» 15 March (midnight): Deadline for entries
» 1 April: The brief is revealed – the opening of the battle
» 15 April (midnight): Deadline for receiving texts from creative agencies
» 16 April: Opening of production planning
» 22 April – 24 May: Production of creative works


» Early June: Prize-giving evening

Entry fee per agency: €400 before V.A.T.

Using radio to promote radio: a recent campaign in France

Earlier in the year, Le Bureau de la Radio, which brings together the four large national groups of RTL, NRJ, Lagardère and NextRadioTV, launched a campaign of radio spots to promote the medium.

 Eight spots were broadcast daily on the stations of Le Bureau, playing on the theme “la radio, on vit tellement avec…”, reinforcing the message that radio is such an important part of the lives of millions of listeners every day. The spots were conceived by Brand Side Story and produced by Spot Machine and Lagardère Publicité. You can listen to the spots by clicking on the link to the right.

Le Bureau commented that through this campaign they hope to “speak directly, via their transmitters, to advertisers and promote radio by highlighting the various strong points of the medium”.

Target: Radio

» An interview with François Barbe, founder of the agency MEN AT WORK

 Campaign spots

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