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 Radio à la carte with diy.fm

The concept

The new DIY.fm radio player won the 2012 "Prix Europa", the European Broadcasting Festival for the best European television, radio and online productions, in the ‘online innovation’ category.

 The platform allows listeners to listen to their own, individually assembled radio programmes. Taking advantage of digital technology and with the evolving audio consumption habits in mind, tpc - a subsidiary of Swiss Radio and Television - developed a new tool that allows existing audio content to be assembled in a ‘do it yourself’ personalised online channel.

This new radio player allows listeners to create their own radio programme by combining linear and non-linear audio content from the Swiss public broadcaster’s (SRG) radio stations, as well as other streams and on-demand services from all over the world. For example, you could choose to play the non-stop music program from "Radio Swiss Pop", but have the player switch automatically to the newsflash of another broadcaster at every full hour. This free player works on any computer, tablet and/or smartphone, and will soon be available on IP radio.

Why does this matter for egta members?

Similarly to TV, web-driven ubiquity combined with the increasing penetration of tablets and smartphones drives the audio landscape evolution in terms of personalised, self-curated platforms. The success of Pandora and Spotify, in audience growth as well as their appearance on car dashboards - if not yet in terms of full profitability - requires radio to develop strategies for maintaining audience and market share. In order to stay ahead, broadcasters are responding by launching their own innovative personalised tools and platforms such as DIY.fm. By developing their own ‘smart radio station packages’ or ‘smart radio content combinations’, they can take full advantage of their main strengths - their diverse content and deep understanding of the radio business - by going beyond the limits of broadcast for those listeners who are looking for smart radio à la carte.

In terms of revenue opportunities, DIY.fm and other such innovations can either - in pure commercial sense - be developed to integrate audio advertising, or can be used to incrementally add listeners, which will in turn translate into higher revenues as the audience grows. In the case of the former, radio broadcasters can develop increasingly sophisticated advertising solutions, such as synchronising audio (spot) advertising with online visual (display) advertising and targeting at the geographical or user level.

On a more strategic industry level, radio innovations that adapt to evolving media consumption habits are a great opportunity to promote radio as a medium and to re-position it in the minds of major advertisers and media agencies, a message that certainly needs reinforcing.

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What they said ...

» Reto Hufenus - publisuisse
» Dominik Born - tpc
» Quote from Prix Europa 2012 Jury report

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