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 What they said ...

“A platform like DIY.fm offers several opportunities to make money from their service: display ads on the platform, channel switch ads (audio & display), connected ads (second screen possibilities), community targeted ads, transaction fees, download features, payment for additional services. This can form the basis of the business model. The goal for a traditional media sales house will be to attract revenues for the delivered content. As it is the new ecosystem, those with the crowd will make the money. As long as the media house doesn’t have its own platforms or cooperate with platforms, the monetising of their content will be fragmented, partially without benefit for the contributing media. That’s the reason why publisuisse as the sales house of the SRG very much supports in-house development of projects like DIY.fm.”

–– Reto Hufenus, Head of Business Development – publisuisse


“The idea was sparked by the first podcasts. We always wanted to make it a technical reality. The next step is to make DIY.fm available on web radios (IP radios). Then users will also be able to listen to the radio station they have created on their computer via internet radio and later also in cars.”

–– Dominik Born, diy.fm Project Manager – tpc


“… a new dimension, not only in radio, but also for the audience. Imagine being able to mix your own radio live - on one device. Choose your own programme from any existing radio station and have Swiss news injected at any time you like. This device exists already; it is called "Radio á la Carte" - a real innovation in the media landscape - Congratulations to D.I.Y. FM ...”

–– Quote from Prix Europa 2012 Jury report
Prix Europa - the European Broadcasting Festival for the best European television, radio and online productions