23 October 2015
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One Data: improving targeting, proving efficiency and preparing for the data opportunities of the future

This week’s egtabite explores One Data, an initiative by the French sales house TF1 Publicité. One Data takes a new and innovative approach to analysing and using information about consumers and their TV viewing, allowing TF1 Publicité to harness the data revolution currently taking place.

One Data was launched both to reinforce the message that TV can – and should – take its rightful place in the world of data as a precise and efficient medium, as well as to help TF1 Publicité talk the same language as today’s increasingly data-focussed advertisers. Advertisers now use CRM (customer relationship management), DMPs (data management platforms), social media and their own online properties to better understand their consumers, and in some cases are even reorganising their teams. It is therefore imperative that broadcasters and their sales houses step into their clients’ world of data.

A three-step platform

One Data is composed of three parts: Targeting – using data to optimise campaign media planning and delivery; Efficiency – understanding the impact and ROI of TV advertising; and R&D – identifying the data opportunities of the future.

1: Targeting

TF1 Publicité has developed a new approach to understanding and talking about consumers, moving beyond age and gender demographics to purchaser and decision-maker targets. The conversation that in the past has been about describing viewers by their basic characteristics therefore becomes one about buyers, and even one step further to purchases.

By merging data from two measurement panels – Médiamétrie for TV audience figures and Kantar’s Worldpanel of consumer purchases – TF1 Publicité can identify not only who is watching a particular spot on its channels, but also what makes of car they own or what brands of shampoo they buy, for example. This allows the sales house to offer GRPs based on product sectors and market share data, rather than on simple demographics.

This technique has in the past been used to analyse post-campaign impact, but it has now been integrated as an option into the media planning tools, covering 44 FMCG sectors with 4 decision-maker targets.

The enhanced targeting capabilities of One Data also allow TF1 Publicité to use third-party profiling or behavioural data to improve the targeting of digital campaigns.

2: Efficiency

By using data to compare the purchasing behaviour of viewers who were exposed to a particular TV ad to those who were not, One Data offers compelling post campaign analysis.

TF1 Publicité worked with the data and statistics experts at Ekimetrics on a Big Data modelling project that identified the contribution and impact of different marketing mix components on sales, using historical purchasing data from Nielsen representing more than 2,000 brands. The analysis proved that TV contributes 80% of incremental sales, giving a new and powerful narrative to take to advertisers when discussing their own brands.

One Data was also able to prove the effectiveness of TV in driving brands’ website traffic, which it can increase by 31%. This effect extends beyond the short-term impact of a spot, as it reinforces branding over the longer-term as well.

3: Research & Development

TF1 Publicité is engaging with a number of partners in an innovative search for tomorrow’s data-driven marketing solutions. A partnership with the phone operator Orange and retailers, using smartphone and beacon tracking technologies, offers the potential to recreate the consumer’s journey after exposure to a TV ad through the use of connected objects.

Ultimately, it is all about TV being the most efficient medium.

Why this matters for egta members

Data is one of today’s hottest topics, as it has the potential to unlock new opportunities in efficient, effective and provable advertising. No longer the preserve of the digital environment and a priority for media agencies alone, data has the ability to take television advertising beyond simple age and gender demographics to a new and better understanding of consumer impact and brand KPIs.

With One Data, TF1 demonstrates how working with the right partners in data and analytics can move television into an increasingly sophisticated data-rich marketing environment, with improved targeting, better proof of efficiency and a new, compelling story to take to clients.

Initiatives such as One Data allow TV sales houses to reignite the interest of advertisers by addressing their current concerns, opening the door to new discussions with both new and well-established clients.

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