06 November 2015
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Case study: how a pure-player benefits from addressable TV

As Christmas is coming closer we would like to share with you a successful study from the UK market. This study showcases how an e-commerce brand used a range of different TV offerings in order to generate maximum impact from their Christmas activity and drove 53% year on year sales growth in 2014.

The concept

For their Christmas campaign in 2014, – a brand that prides themselves on offering shoppers a more original and inspired selection of presents that are more personal to the recipients – wanted to promote how they can help find the perfect and unique gift.

Their objective was to communicate this to Christmas shoppers, as well as driving awareness and delivering business growth in the process. However, with ad expenditure considerably less than their competitors, this was always going to be a challenge.

The solution

They wanted to create buzz and awareness, particularly amongst people who started thinking and planning about Christmas early. TV was the obvious medium to choose because of its ability to reach a large number of people quickly and its power to generate buzz. These early planners became the core target audience for the brand. They decided to use Sky AdSmart, as they were able to target three core audience groups exclusively and deliver a creative message directly to them alone, and then matched postcode data to identify if the brand message and the product featured within it had resonated with the audience. They were able to pinpoint the orders, sales and new customers directly generated by the campaign. This allowed to speak directly to and create brand awareness with the most relevant and thoughtful audience segments.     

Launching early November, on a big scale, meant they could deploy their budget where it would work the hardest. Their competitors traditionally launch during the second week of November and so, by launching their Christmas campaign before this date, gave them a head start. 

To create maximum impact and engagement, they opted to run a competition. They created a 60 second spot which asked viewers to count the number of Christmas trees they spotted during the ad and tweet their answer to #treespotting for a chance to win a voucher for worth £5,000. In the preceding break, there was a 10 second call to action spot that encouraged viewers to pay attention in the following break for a chance to win big money. In the break following, the winner was revealed live on air with their Twitter handle written amongst the stars for all to see.

The campaign continued with 60 second spots, in order to establish an emotional connection with viewers and drive the greatest impact in recall and awareness, 30 second versions of the spots, ensuring an all-important presence in the build up to Christmas and10 second reminder spots featuring the full range of exciting and unique gifts on the site.

Alongside the TV campaign, used a bespoke interactive format across 4oD to reach viewers in their ‘me time’. The format meant that the viewer could link to the retailer directly through to key sections of the website. They also ran pre-rolls on ITV’s BVoD to generate reach and standout.

The TV campaign was complemented by activity in other media, including radio with an audio reminder of the TV creative.


  • Expenditure from customers who had not bought from before doubled year on year
  • Growth in expenditure from active customers increased from 30% to 37%
  • Sales of multiple items from current buyers increased by 40%
  • Consideration for gift purchasing at increased by 104%
  • Prompted brand awareness rose from 56% to 71%
  • Unprompted ad awareness increased from14% to 19% - a massive 36% lift compared to a category average for the same period of +16%
  • Brand image statements for unique, creative, original and inspirational all increased
  • The competition spot drove a 77% increase in visits to the site that day. Traffic from mobiles and tablets saw the biggest uplifts of 91% and 83% respectively
  • #treespotting trended nationwide becoming the second most popular hashtag in the UK
  • saw the fastest growth in traffic of any other site, moving 21 places in IMRG’s top 50 retailer ranking for November
  • They drove 53% year on year sales growth, significantly higher than their competitors. Importantly, the growth has carried on post-Christmas in to 2015

This study has been made available to egta and its members at the courtesy of Thinkbox. If you would like to see more cases from the UK market please click here.

Why does this matter to egta members?

This case study is a great example of how TV can be used to attract new clients like the e-commerce retailers by offering them an unprecedented return on investment: rise in sales and addressability. Targeting the right audience and reaching the viewers not only on linear TV but also on second screen gives TV the same advantages that online has to offer with the perks of TV as a mass reach medium with high impact.

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