13 November 2015
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Make some noise for charity

In this week’s egtabite we would like to showcase a campaign from UK’s Global, the Media & Entertainment group that managed to successfully use all the strengths of radio as a medium and raise awareness, create a great buzz and generate engagement with their second edition of the Make some noise campaign to collect money for disadvantaged youngsters across the UK.


Make Some Noise is the charity set up by Global, to give a voice to small charities that struggle to raise awareness. On October 8, 2015 the second edition of Make Some Noise day took place calling on Global’s star line-up of presenters, friends from the music and entertainment world, their clients and its 23 million listeners to get involved and raise money for disadvantaged youngsters across the UK. Global involved all of its radio brands including Heart, Capital, Capital Xtra, Radio X, Classic FM, LBC, Smooth, Smooth Extra and Gold using their different profile for different types of appeals to their listeners in order to get them involved in the campaign.

Global managed to engage celebrities in various stunts such as Simon Cowell performing on the air or Ellie Goulding who put her unique twist on some of TV’s most iconic theme tunes including ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘The Simpsons’. On Classic FM David Tennant and David Suchet joined an all-star cast featuring every Classic FM presenter in the comedy whodunnit ‘Upstairs Downland Abbey’.

Radio X offered the chance to bid for tickets to experience the world’s biggest bands and artists, including a holiday to Australia to see both Mumford & Sons and Florence & the Machine. Other prizes included holidays to New York, Los Angeles, Barbados and Mauritius, plus the chance to meet The Vamps in Paris and Jennifer Lopez in Las Vegas or bid for lunch with Nigel Farage. Across the country, people in schools and offices were encouraged to dress loud and donate money to Global’s Make Some Noise which resulted in big interest and participation.

Involving brands

All this was also possible thanks to the brands that joined the appeal and supported the campaign as sponsors, for example Vodafone, and LifeSkills created with Barclays. Global also managed to engage partners like Uber who offered to those who download the Uber app, £15 off their first ride when using the code MAKENOISE. What’s more, when using this code, Make Some Noise received a £5 donation from Uber for everyone that signed up and took a ride between 10th September and 10th November.

A number of brands got involved in the Make Some Noise campaign which helped them to increase visibility and strengthen their image. The involvement included initiatives such as a charity breakfast morning by the Filling Station restaurant chain, where they provided breakfasts to visitors in exchange for a donation to Make Some Noise. Some brands are happy to commit to longer partnerships beyond the October 8, 2015 appeal, for instance putting a special Make Some Noise dish or ‘Noisy Cocktail’ on their menu or providing vouchers for their goods and services with a % donation from every sold item.


The Make some noise day appeal was a great success and managed to raise 1,995 million pounds compared to the 1,1 million last year. This is a great proof of radio as a medium being able to generate a big call to action and almost double the contribution as opposed to last year. The campaign also generated a great buzz on social networks with their #makesomenoise supported by all the hosts and celebrities joining the appeal. Fans were sharing their pictures dressed in their loud outfits and showing their support to the campaign.

Why does this matter to egta members

This initiative is good case study of a creative cross-media campaign using the strengths of radio combined with strong presence on social media generating great visibility, raising awareness and changing the attitude of listeners. The result of emotionally strong campaigns such as this one is of course an increased loyalty of listeners but also of clients who love being associated with a good cause which reflects positively on their brand. It brings benefits to all parties - B2B promotion for the sales house, B2C for the stations, popularity campaigns for the hosts and celebrities involved, fundraising for the charities and image strengthening for the brands.

Target: Radio
Background info

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