05 February 2016
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The real weight of television: an inconvenient truth.

Welcome to the first edition of egta's initiative to Share the TV Love - strong cases for the promotion of TV delivered to your inbox once a month, courtesy of PEPP.TV (see below). Today's article highlights recent work by the VAB in the US.

“Facebook is huge.”

“YouTube is huge.”

“Twitter is ... quite huge.”

But how huge?

The numbers of users and interactions often touted by tech giants are impressive, and one could be forgiven for believing that people – younger ones in particular – are spending the lion’s share of their media time with these online entities. Despite increasing concerns over issues such as viewability, ad fraud and ad blocking, the online industry has crafted a compelling narrative that frequently dominates the headlines.

However, this narrative often distorts the reality, or at least fails to reveal the uncomfortable truth that TV is the hugest of them all, and by a very large margin.

This is not to say that digital media are not fantastic – they form part of a vibrant interactive environment and often revolve around and enrich longer established media such as television and radio. At egta, we love digital media, but we also recognise the need to point out a few hard facts and put things in perspective.

This is why comparative metrics are so important in ensuring marketers have a real and undistorted understanding of their customers’ digital lives. A new analysis of actual time spent with different media brands – arguably the most significant factor for advertisers – shows what happens when an apples-to-apples comparison is made.

The data in the chart are for the widest target group, 2+, and the sources are Nielsen for TV and comScore for the online entities. The Video Advertising Bureau (VAB), which compiled the chart for the US, investigated a number of different age groups and found that TV brands never fell below 50% of consumers’ committed time. For Millennials (ages 18-34), TV represents 52% of time spent, far ahead of Facebook (17%), Pandora (11%), and YouTube (9%).

The VAB showcased this data in the renowned specialised magazine Advertising Age, providing the industry with a clear explanation of television’s real power. The VAB took 15 mismatched “big numbers” from an infographic published by a data-tech provider that has been making the rounds with advertisers, agencies and analysts, they added TV brands and filled out the chart to 21 digital consumer pursuits and then used the comparable metrics of time spent to size the options by consumer commitment – the time spent with each of the twenty-one digital entities in scale. The results speak for themselves.

You can download the slides to back these facts up here.

Why this matters for egta members

As the truth about television’s importance in people’s lives continues to be obscured through the use of dubious facts and figures, the industry need to reinforce one key message: TV is the King of the Hill, and it will remain so for many years to come.

TV dominates time spent with media, regardless of the age group, and the data to back this up comes from the most reliable and trusted measurement sources.

Shout it from the hill: TV is huge!

Share the TV Love!

Did you know that egta is actively working with other trade bodies around the globe to promote television’s power and its evolution across the world?

Well, now you do! This group is called PEPP.TV, and it brings together 15 trade associations whose mission it is to promote television in their country and beyond. Our new year’s resolution for 2016 is to share interesting information, projects, slides and research that have been published by these associations and to make sure that broadcasters and sales house in Europe are equipped with the latest facts to actively and proudly promote the universal strength of television.

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Background info

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» Jan’s Isenbart, egta’s president, wrote an article in the IP Key Facts about the YouTube as an illusionnal giant. Infographics downloadable here.

» VAB also published a report called “Just the Facts” about YouTube’s top marketplace claims

» egta curates articles about TV’s health and evolution every day on this board.

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