04 March 2016
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GONE: A Wayward Pines Story - enhancing FOX’s TV campaign with quality content via digital extensions

In this week’s egtabite we would like to showcase a great example of successful multiscreen brand integration put in place by FOX through creative collaboration with their client (Microsoft). This cooperation resulted in an original brand integration campaign, tailored to the client’s needs and successfully extending the show’s reach and engagement as well as providing enhanced advertising opportunities for the client.


In an ever evolving and competitive marketplace Microsoft required a powerful marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd. They wanted to position the Surface as the only tablet that authentically & reliably replaces laptop. The challenge Microsoft gave FOX Media was to seamlessly demonstrate the Surface’s intuitive design and performance via a unique and engaging campaign. The answer was FOX’s  GONE: A Wayward Pines Story campaign.

The concept

In 2015 Microsoft joined forces with FOX to create a powerful global partnership around the launch of its new series Wayward Pines. Wayward Pines was directed by famous director M. Night Shyamalan with an all-star cast including Matt Dillon and Terrance Howard. The mysterious world of this series presented a unique opportunity to place the Surface centre stage and front of mind.

FOX’s  Media’s Global Ad Sales and Brand Partnerships team headed up the global campaign, working directly with the client, Microsoft, and Story Lab - Dentsu Aegis’ content division and Microsoft’s media agency.

 As well as securing Microsoft’s sponsorship of the show, FOX created its first ever prequel series for a client called GONE: A Wayward Pines Story. This prequel became THE destination where viewers could unravel the mysteries of Wayward Pines.

Specially crafted for digital distribution by the producers of Wayward Pines itself, GONE told the story of the characters in the series. Following each premiere of Wayward Pines on FOX, viewers were driven to a dedicated online hub and app by on-air promotion, where they could gain access to a 2 minute digital episode of GONE. Each episode was localised and custom-built for its market with seamless integration of the Surface.

A series of customised social media audio & visual clues, strategically released throughout the week, allowed users to engage and unlock the secrets behind the thrilling series. As the action on the main TV series developed, so did the story in Microsoft's GONE series until both finally revealed the truth behind Wayward Pines.


Wayward Pines was a huge success on FOX. It was watched by over 91 million people in Microsoft’s campaign markets alone.  GONE achieved 2.6M+ views across all platforms, in all markets, with 75% video completion.

The social campaign delivered 3M+ video clue views, with the digital campaign achieving 32M+ social impressions globally. The successful series Wayward Pines will be back on FOX for season 2 in June 2016.

Why does this matter to egta members

This campaign proves again that the creative collaboration between agencies, clients and channels/sales house is a crucial aspect of a successful campaign. Viewers are willing to interact with brands, provided the link with the programme they are watching makes sense and brings them added value or unique content. Brand integration, multi-platform content creation and high-quality video production enhance an advertiser’s brand like no other solution. In the example of GONE, FOX managed to offer a great customised product, which resulted in a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Target: TV

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Background info

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