15 April 2016
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Creative sponsorship: host of Your Face Sounds Familiar plays insurance super-agent

This week’s egtabite shows what can happen when a brand decides to cut loose, work hand in hand with a broadcaster and not to take itself too seriously...

... it can have a seriously good impact on sales!

In a case study presented at egta’s January T/V Advertising Bootcamp, the Slovenian sales house Pro Plus developed a creative sponsorship opportunity for the country’s leading insurance company, Zavarovalnica Triglav, helping the brand to achieve outstanding results on a number of KPIs.

The challenge

Zavarovalnica Triglav wanted to explore a more creative approach to its advertising, and the company had a number of business objectives to achieve. These included improving the brand image and awareness of Zavarovalnica Triglav, positioning the company as a modern insurance provider, retaining the trust of clients and attracting new customers.

Zavarovalnica Triglav sponsored the celebrity singing show Your Face Sounds Familiar (Znan obraz ima svoj glas) in 2015, with two main marketing objectives. Firstly, the promotion of the company’s core business of car insurance sales, and secondly a corporate social responsibility (CSR) project that takes the form of a fund to support young talent called Mladi upi (Young Hopefuls).

The challenge for Pro Plus was to deliver an engaging new advertising format to help Zavarovalnica Triglav achieve both of these objectives through the broadcaster’s channels.

The solution

The campaign centred on a series of 12 humorous pieces of video content featuring the host of Your Face Sounds Familiar, Denis Avtič, playing the role of an insurance “super-agent”.

The hero is seen in a variety of different scenes, generally playing (or attempting to play) the part of a suave agent and sadly getting caught out as rather less impressive as he makes out.

The clips, which were produced in a close cooperation between the client and Pro Plus’s , marketing, production and sales teams, were connected thematically to Zavarovalnica Triglav’s TV spots within the show.

In support of the second marketing objective – the CSR project– the show’s contestants competed for victory in order to collect money that will enable the Young Hopefuls to further develop their talents.

The campaign linked across media touch points and supported the young talent fund, employing branded content, page takeovers, banners and social media, and it was used to launch the official website

The results

The campaign achieved outstanding results:

  • Pro Plus reached 87% of TV viewers in the target group 18-54 - others added an additional 7% to total reach to bring it to 94%
  • The campaign significantly increased page visits
  • Facebook and Twitter shares were above the average
  • Brand image and awareness increased
  • The Mladi upi fund rewarded 12 talented young people

Why this matters to egta members

TV’s huge reach, professionally produced content and engaging personalities offer the perfect partners for brands wanting to explore new ways of connecting with their consumers.

This case study from Pro Plus demonstrates that short form video promotion has the versatility to both drive business objectives and support campaigns for the social good ... all within an umbrella concept.

It is also a great example of a client and sales house working hand-in-hand to deliver an advertising concept that breaks the restraints of traditional advertising and injects humour into a product category – car insurance – that is not always the most fertile ground for laughter!

Target: TV

» Watch the Superagent video

Background info

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