27 May 2016
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Nova TV Croatia and Spar draw new audiences to The Farm


This week’s egtabite brings you a great example of a social media campaign that successfully engaged viewers, managed to reach young audiences and strengthened the brand image of a popular reality TV show.


The #FelfieHR campaign was conducted by Nova TV in Croatia in 2015 and was part of the promotion for the 4th season of the reality show The Farm. This was the first season where the participants were not celebrities but regular people, and the goal was to promote the show as a feel-good format promoting positive social values, hard work and a sense of community. To strengthen this message further, engage viewers and social media users and attract younger people with an urban lifestyle, Nova TV developed a special project – #FelfieHR.

The concept

The viewers were asked to take felfies (the ‘felfie' is a selfie of a farmer with animals) and post them on any social media (The Farm’s official website, e-mail, twitter, Facebook and Instagram) with the hashtag #FelfieHR. All of these were then gathered on The Farm’s official website. Viewers were encouraged by the host of the show to take felfies with their pets, while The Farm’s candidates set the example by doing the same.

Nova TV incentivised viewers by promising to donate food to an animal shelter for every 150 felfies posted. The animal food was donated by the retailer Spar, which was also a sponsor of the #FelfieHR project, allowing the store to promote its own brand of animal food.

Every donation was covered by a spin-off TV piece, guaranteeing additional TV coverage to the show and to Spar. The food was delivered to the shelter by candidates eliminated from The Farm. These donations created a positive atmosphere around the reality show and emphasised the social responsibility of Nova and of TV overall.


The #FelfieHR project succeeded on all fronts; most importantly it managed to attract younger viewers to the show – the share of female viewers in the target group 13-29 increased by 17.6% within the total viewership of The Farm after the #FelfieHR campaign was launched.

In total, 1,050 felfies were collected through various social media, and as a result seven donations were made to various animal shelters.

The campaign created a great buzz on social media; by the end of the project the official Facebook page had 16,615 fans (68% female and 32% male; 46% of all fans were in 13-24 target group; 29% were in 25-34 age group). The Instagram account had 2,998 followers. During the project a total number of 834,238 unique visitors visited the webpage and the page counted a total of 6,168,715 views. The content related to the felfie project had a total of 58,987 page views.

The campaign also won the Grand Prix for digital communication awarded by HUOJ (Croation association for public relations).

Why does this matter to egta members?

This campaign is a great example of how social media and TV complement each other, allowing a show’s brand image to be strengthened while creating a positive response on social media and generating buzz.

#FelfieHR resonated mainly with a young female audience and helped Nova TV to attract this target group to the show. It was also a win-win situation for the advertiser involved, whose product was seamlessly integrated into the campaign and appeared in a very positive environment of social responsibility.

Target: TV
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