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 TV measurement of narrow target groups

In this week’s egta bite we will focus on audience measurement and present an innovative method for using Return Path Data (RPD) data to build and commercialise TV channels.

The concept

 Atmedia Group, egta’s Polish member selling thematic and niche channels (also present in the Czech Republic & Hungary) launched SpotLight – their proprietary television viewing measurement platform in Poland. In cooperation with UPC Polska (the largest cable network in Poland) and Nielsen Audience Measurement, SpotLight monitors the behaviour and preferences of almost 12,000 Polish viewers. The survey provides data to better meet the needs of advertisers and agencies in order to reach viewers of the increasing number of niche channels available in Poland. It allows precise analysis of a given programme and provides commercial ratings for pay TV viewers. The size of the sample, three times larger than in the general market television survey in Poland, enables analysis of viewing figures even among the narrowest target groups.

Previously, the television market used very wide target groups, such as 16-49, 13-29 or 4-12, whereas SpotLight can monitor and analyse the behaviour of Polish TV viewers on a minute-by-minute basis in more narrow demographic groups based on data collected by the company’s digital decoders (Return Path Data technology).

Why does it matter to egta members?

In a growing market undergoing rapid fragmentation, characterised by a marked increase in the range of stations available and the number of brands advertising on television, both broadcasters and advertisers need to address their offer to narrower target groups. Where the traditional research sample is rather small (in Poland, only 1,700 households are measured in a total population of almost 40 million people) this cannot be achieved. This mainly affects those marketers concentrating on niche audiences, as they do not have an effective tool that would enable them to plan a TV campaign targeted on these narrow groups of consumers. It is also the case that niche channels are affected by a lack of precise data on their viewership when creating their programming offers.

The data provided by a measurement tool such as that developed by Atmedia tackles all these issues; the sales house can perform its own measurement of television viewing among 5,000 households.  A study shows that cable users are heavy watchers of TV and also heavy buyers of FMCG products (26% above the average in Poland). Therefore this target group is also very attractive for advertisers. Agencies normally consider the core target group in the concept and creation of spots, but it is rare that they use these narrow target groups for buying airtime. However, as has been demonstrated by Atmedia, this type of data can be used more creatively. Atmedia analysed the target groups of certain brands and was then able to recommend the channel that offered the best fit in terms of programming and audience profile for a given brand. Advertisers can therefore book airtime on the best channel for the target group they want to reach.

This type of measurement does not aim to replace the traditional national system, rather it offers additional possibilities on how to sell airtime and better adjust to narrow target audiences such as heavy FMCG buyers. It even provides larger samples on some very specific groups, for example single women in big cities or the viewership of zero rated spots. To further develop usage of these data Atmedia also organises creative workshops with media agencies and advertisers to help them learn how to use the data provided.

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What they said ...

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» Marcin Boroszko - atmedia Group

 Background info

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Presentation by Wojtek Kowalczyk (atmedia Group) given at egta's Annual Research meeting (31 January 2013, Cologne)

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