30 September 2016
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You know that you can, with TV sponsorship!

In this week’s egtabite, we bring you a case from Russia. TV channel TNT teamed up with the country’s biggest mobile phone network for a full 360° marketing campaign that successfully built awareness for the brand and delivered great results. This was achieved by using not only sponsorship of a TV show, but all available channels including below-the-line events.


TNT, a TV station represented by Gazprom-Media, used the format of Russia’s first modern dance show, which is called Dance, to raise consumer awareness of their client, MTS, the mobile network’s brand identity and main message: “You know that you can”. TNT used its vast digital presence as well as events to ensure the MTS brand would be top-of-mind with consumers.


The campaign was kicked off by a series of events in Moscow’s main parks. The public had the chance to attend dance master classes with their favorite dancers, all of whom were contestants from the first season of the show. This was followed by a big event with performances by professional dancers, and fans were able to meet participants the day before the second season launched on TV. Another draw was the worldwide premiere of a music clip featuring Dance’s mentor and his dance crew.


The campaign was cross-promoted on digital platforms and social media, including a live broadcast of the big park event on TNT’s website. A dedicated site was created, featuring exclusive content about the show and backstage footage, as well as a great deal of background information about the participants. It also included information about locations and a schedule of the master classes. Mentors from the show created special video dance lessons of various styles, also available on this digital hub. Fans were able to take an online test to see which style of dance would suit them best and were then redirected to the corresponding video. The campaign was also heavily promoted on all social media platforms.


The biggest part of the campaign happened on TV screen. The show’s hosts promoted MTS and its message during each episode, and this was supported by on-air virtual integration of the MTS logo and slogan. “You know that you can” was also integrated into the script and used by the hosts and participants where appropriate. MTS created a special advertising spot that linked directly to the program by using one of the show’s mentors as the brand ambassador. The spot aired during all the episodes of the show. It directed viewers to the dedicated digital hub, encouraging the nation to join and dance with the mentors and participants of the show.


The campaign had great results and massive reach: 21 million viewers on TV, 10.4 million unique visitors on the dedicated web site, 7.4 million individual impressions on social media and 1.3 million participants during the BTL part of the campaign. Around 20% of the traffic to the dedicated page came as a direct result of the TV advertising and the sponsorship integration within the show.

The campaign had a great impact on the client’s brand image. Recognition of the slogan “You know that you can” increased by 16%, and comprehension of the slogan’s meaning rose by 13%. MTS’s brand image perception improved in all of the following indicators: helps me reach my goals, brand believes in me and my potential, I feel sure about the brand, I trust this operator most.

The campaign received a bronze award at the 2016 Russian Effie awards.

Why does this matter to egta members

This case shows that a close cooperation between the client and the broadcaster can lead to a well crafted execution that is seamlessly integrated into all media channels. By consistently using the brand’s identity and messaging on screen, through spots and sponsorship, television provides the reach needed to drive traffic to the other assets of the campaign, such as digital and social.

Compelling television content engages audiences and helps brands connect with consumers, ultimately driving their businesses forward.

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