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Welcome to Beirais

Hello, finally we are all here together to speak about where I come from. This is a place that is worth living in and talking about. Our village is like so many others. A place where there is a spot for your brands, which are part of our daily lives. In each household, your products and services can take part in this story and reach your clients’ homes.

For example – in Beirais…we can eat ice cream all year round. Or... use the local FM radio station, where I am one of the radio presenters, to promote your products, events and even contests.

Good evening, this is “Beiralense” Observatory, a programme sponsored by Millennium BCP, highlighting entrepreneurship in Beirais. Every week, I will speak about a new successful startup business in our village – the true public service in Beirais - it would be great, wouldn’t it?
How about serving up, in a beautiful bed and breakfast, some fine five o’clock tea, or having our guests ask for some wonderful Lipton tea.
Imagine the lack of these products in the one and only minimarket in Beirais. My customers deserve these products, don’t they?

“Beiralenses” know the quality of farm fresh products and are very demanding, so they only cook with the best.  Wouldn’t that be delicious?
Life is perfect here in Beirais.  This small village is also home to 850.000 Portuguese, who accompany us on a daily basis.

And you? What more do I need to say to you besides - welcome to Beirais!

See you soon!  I’ll be here waiting for you…