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 Regional targeted radio campaign by AS&S Radio for Reckitt Benckiser’s Dobendan Strepsils provides flu relief in Germany

The concept

 A radio campaign for Reckitt Benckiser made full use of radio’s flexibility as an advertising platform to target a campaign for the flu and sore throat remedy Dobendan Strepsils. By using this strategy at the beginning of the flu season, the Dobendan brand significantly expanded its market position, as demonstrated by AS&S Radio’s analysis.

The promotional campaign for Dobendan Strepsils Dolo and Direct products was launched in early November last year, at the time when people increasingly suffer from flu.  It initially started on television and was followed four weeks later with radio spots.

As the flu does not emerge with the same strength across the whole of Germany at once, Reckitt Benckiser used AS&S regional targeting, the sales house’s option to broadcast a campaign per region, and with the help of AS&S Radio’s media experts was able to plan its campaign using the flu index of the Robert Koch Institute as a reference.

 By using this data, Dobendan was promoted only in locations where consumers were likely to have a significant interest in the product. This explains why the radio campaign for Dobendan Strepsils Dolo was not aired during the 49th week in Bremen, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland, before being extended to these states in the 52nd week.

The effective and optimised use of radio advertising helped Dobendan significantly improve its market position against its competitors, as the seasonal demand for cold and pain medications increases significantly with the onset of flu each year. The average market share in terms of turnover was about 2.5 percentage points higher during the radio campaign than for weeks without radio use.

The final week of the year was particularly successful for Dobendan. Not least thanks to the radio campaign, the brand’s market share increased by more than four percentage points.

Why this matters for egta members

This campaign, carried out for an advertiser that is not a heavy radio advertiser in most markets, again clearly demonstrates the impact of radio as well as its flexibility in campaign targeting. Combining data sets with sales house expertise offers a great opportunity for brands to maximise the efficiency of their campaigns by using radio both as a standalone medium and/or as a key part of the media mix.

With thanks to ARD-Werbung SALES & SERVICES GmbH for providing details of this case

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