25 November 2016
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The impact of sponsorship: three case studies from Belgium

This week, egtabites delves into the hotbed of creativity that is brand sponsorship, with a selction of cases from the Belgian sales house Medialaan.

Medialaan has a well-structured platform to support its non-spot advertising offer, including a selection of case studies on its website and a research tool to evaluate the impact of sponsorship campaigns on brands – the Sponsorship Impact Monitor (SPIM+). The findings from this standardised study – an online survey carried out by InSites Consulting and developed with the University of Antwerp – offer granular understanding of how sponsorship campaigns can drive specific metrics, such as brand awareness, brand image and brand activation, across different target groups.

Analysis of multiple SPIM+ studies, which compare matched groups of viewers and non-viewers of a campaign, shows that sponsorship gives a 93% chance of increasing a brand’s awareness and an 87% chance of improving brand image.

This article looks at three cases that demonstrate sponsorship’s effectiveness for brands from different sectors: an FMCG brand, a retail store and a lifestyle brand. In each case, Medialaan’s popular television shows provided the perfect vehicles to meet the clients’ objectives.

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Why this matters for egta members

Sponsorship and product placement, done well and with the right fit of brand, programme, concept and execution, are great ways to add depth to a multi-platform advertising campaign.

As the effectiveness of non-traditional advertising can be hard to measure, and the impact of a campaign difficult to forecast in advance, Medialaan's SPIM+ approach is an excellent example of how science can be used to inform art.

Medialaan’s cases and in-depth research demonstrate that sponsorship can be effective for a range of different brand sectors, and that television’s digital extensions can be used in combination with spot advertising to engage with a wider audience, particularly with younger target groups that are harder to reach using traditional media channels.

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